Upload a film from 1 to 3 minutes in length.  Be sure to stick to this
month's theme or you may be disqualified.  After you upload, it's your
turn to vote for other contestants' films.  Since you uploaded a film,
you get to vote for 5 of your peers' films.  The first round of winner
s – called entry level winners – are selected based on those peer
votes.  If your films is selected as a winner in the entry level, you
win $500 and the option to do a jury level film.

If you decide to take the option of producing a jury level film, you
will receive $1000 to fund your production.  Your completed jury level
film will be watched and voted on by our jury of film professionals.
 The votes of our jury will decide which of that month's films win
first, second and third place.  Those three jury-level winners from
each competition will be eligible for the year-long contest to win
funding for a feature film.  In addition, that competition's first
place wins $3000 and second place wins $2000.

At the end of the year the 3 jury level winners from each monthly
competition are asked to complete one more film and submit a
screenplay or treatment to be considered for feature funding.