Think your office is crazy? Try drinking the punch at the world's least professional advertising agency - Admuse.


Hear series director Terry Miles talk about life on the set.

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ADMUSE, EP 1: Brickman makes a commercial with frequent use of the word "caulk" in an effort to get fired..

ADMUSE, EP 2: Jeannie's old boyfriend, "Big Kip," returns from Africa, and a mysterious man starts asking questions about the agency's billionaire owner.

ADMUSE, EP 3: The agency is hired to do an ad for the National Pillow Fight Association.

ADMUSE, EP 4: Brickman makes a commercial involving Jesus and receives threats on his life.

ADMUSE, EP 5: Jeannie gets an offer from a foreign horror movie director to star in his next cult classic

ADMUSE, EP 6: In the final episode, Jacobson offers Michelle's job as Creative Director to whoever can make her quit.


  After years spent touring the world as the singer/songwriter of the band Ashley Park (Kindercore, Darla, Loose Recordings), Terry’s lifelong love of both North American and World Cinema drew him into the world of writing and filmmaking. After writing and directing a bunch of short films and music videos (as seen in rotation on Much Music and many other outlets), Terry decided to go back to school and get his MFA
in Creative Writing/Film from the University of British Columbia. Terry is currently working on his first feature film, and is also working on a number of short form projects for Terry lives and writes in Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada (It’s pretty there, but he is willing to relocate).


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