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  Bunni Noir is dark comedy from Brazilian-Argentinian-American director Daniel Barosa and just Argentinian director Pablo Draletti. Shot in classic black and white, the series takes us along on the hapless journey of one Ted Smith, Private Investigator - and giant bunny rabbit. Watch as he struggles to figure out the double-cross behind a sultry senorita who's set him up to investigate a rich party boy. Can he stay off the whiskey long enough to sort it all out? En Espanol with English subtitles. Bunni Noir eps. 1-6 premiered on Dec. 17, 2009.  


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Chapter 1: Ted Smith, Private Investigator, is a man - er, bunny - with problems. They get deeper when a dangerous dame walks into his office

Chapter 2:Ted pays a visit to the doctor and receives some bad news.

Chapter 3:Ted seeks out his friend, "Matches," to help him track down the femme fatale who double-crossed him.

Chapter 4:Ted wakes up to find he has been kidnapped by a porn movie mogul.

Chapter 5:A beautiful magician shows up at Ted's hotel room to cast a spell on him.

Chapter 6:The Spedoo man tells you how to make all your dreams come true.




The idea for Bunni Noir first came to DANIEL BAROSA as an image: a drunk in a giant rabbit suit. He tried to write a detective story with the idea, but it just never came out right. Enter PABLO DRALETTI, who bumped into Daniel at their university, but not on campus - in the pub down the street. Pablo had a rich childhood filled with comics, movies and all the same deranged stuff Daniel had, so Daniel asked Pablo if he'd like to write a detective movie for the ˜drunk in a giant rabbit suit˜ idea. Pablo, a big Film Noir buff, immediately agreed and Ted Smith was created. Enter Filmaka, who allowed Daniel and Pablo to realize their idea as a web series.


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Sergio Pérez

Paola Silva

Silvia Djeska

Pablo Draletti