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Wild Card FILMS

Late Night Radio

INSPIRATION / MORE INFO: A late night Radio DJ talks to a disturbed caller who insists that he's seen a help wanted ad and is coming in for his interview.







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The Bomb SquadPascal Fuerst
Votes: 14
GuiltLuis Finol
Votes: 6
R&RReed Hall Clément
Votes: 68
Winner (Peer Votes)
A Day in the CityTodd Strong
Votes: 2
CLAIRVOYANCEMarco Motti Shalma
Votes: 24
Surprise!Lee Sjostrom
Votes: 27
Wasn't Me, DudeBenjamin Relf
Votes: 13
Alone TimeDarrell Holliday
Votes: 2
The game of warLuca Immesi Giulia Brazzale
Votes: 31
Winner (Filmaka Selection)
Hickory DickoryJames Baker
Votes: 19
Winner (Filmaka Selection)
ReverseTanya Agarwala
Votes: 3
MissingSila Agavale
Votes: 0


Nicely done. Great tone and style and an excellent performance from the caller. Drew me in!

- Heather de Michele

Good film dan!! nailed it well !

- Aliakbar Campwala

One of the best films! Loved the color tone and camera!

- David Chabashvili

Really entertaining. Great job.

- Will Tennant

Cinematography was great. I loved just hearing the caller, made me want to see him. Great job!

- Ian

One thing that I think it really cool about this film is the use of radio style suspense. We never see the caller, yet his demeanor and any other non-visual characteristic allow them to still be a conceivable threat. Loved the shot choices as well.

- Dave Kilgo

I liked your short . good work. and i like the acting, the shots you took are really good ,Please watch my entry, 'Sometimes...'.

- KamalDeep Dung

really good

- Pascal Fuerst

Really excellent work. Acting, camera, work, editing, pacing...

- Filmaka


- Peter Marshall Smith

Great cinematography. It supports the tone and makes the most of the set without being showy. I'm with the others on the ending - would have loved a bigger payoff or surprise. Can't wait to see what you do next.

- Andy Novak

Very good job on this short film. Kinda of miss another type of ending, but i really enjoyed it.

- Luis Finol

you've done it again... congratulations...

- Robin Glass

Another great entry from you Dan!

- B R

Great stuff, have watched a couple of your other films, and all have been very well done. Very competently shot, and the acting was good too. Very tense and creepy, although like "Randy Hines" I wanted a bit more of a pay off. Not that I don't like a good ambiguous ending, but would have been nice to have some sort of nod in that direction. Otherwise excellent, and thanks for your comment.

- William Allum

Very, very well done with the suspense! It had my skin crawling for sure! Good in every aspect. Thanks for the comment on mine :-)

- Lee Sjostrom

I think an excellent ratcheting up of tension. One can truly have resonance with the situation. Pretty flawless in terms of execution though i really wanted a bit more of a payoff. I really wanted to know who that was doing the threatening!

- Randy Hines

Genuinely quite scary. Loved how the tension was turned on early and didn't stop building. Great choice with the voice, very believable. Good job.

- Will Brooks


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