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Wild Card FILMS

The Bomb Squad

INSPIRATION / MORE INFO: After seeing some clips at the jay leno show from young parents, I decided to turn these little fun clips into a short

SUBMITTED BY: Pascal Fuerst

OCCUPATION: Director, Editor

NATIONALITY: German , RESIDES IN: Grossheubach




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The Bomb SquadPascal Fuerst
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nice post im new here

- ukash kart

I kind of guessed what it would be based on your Inspiration / Info, but the last shot (or second to last shot) makes the short for me, bomb squad, timer and all. -- maker of "Vantage"

- Filmaka

hahahahaha LOL !! That was some epic mate!!! loved the tension!

- Aliakbar Campwala

Haha, didn't see that coming.

- Dave Kilgo

HAHA i was not expecting that end. but really its good. i know there ll be a diff end but not expected that really good and funny end. Please watch my entry, 'Sometimes...'.

- KamalDeep Dung

Awesome! I was laughing so hard! And I loved him putting the suit on all Batman style. The cross cuts were great too, reminded me of a comic book. Gute Arbeit! Please check out "Speeating" for some laughs :)

- Ian

I had some really cool music and a real explosion from the video co pilot dvd's pro score and action movie essentials 2 but was allowed to use it because of the licenses. Hopefullly the story works even without these two elements.

- Pascal Fuerst


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