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Wild Card FILMS


INSPIRATION / MORE INFO: The last time that I actually went to a New Year's Eve Party was in 1994 in Hollywood, LA. That inspired me to make this video.

SUBMITTED BY: Lee Sjostrom

OCCUPATION: artist/filmmaker





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The Bomb SquadPascal Fuerst
Votes: 14
GuiltLuis Finol
Votes: 6
R&RReed Hall Clément
Votes: 68
Winner (Peer Votes)
A Day in the CityTodd Strong
Votes: 2
CLAIRVOYANCEMarco Motti Shalma
Votes: 24
Surprise!Lee Sjostrom
(Currently Playing)
Votes: 27
Wasn't Me, DudeBenjamin Relf
Votes: 13
Alone TimeDarrell Holliday
Votes: 2
The game of warLuca Immesi Giulia Brazzale
Votes: 31
Winner (Filmaka Selection)
Hickory DickoryJames Baker
Votes: 19
Winner (Filmaka Selection)
ReverseTanya Agarwala
Votes: 3
MissingSila Agavale
Votes: 0


Thanks, KamalDeep :-) I especially love it when people say that my music is good!

- Lee Sjostrom

Very Interesting film, i liked it the editing and the music is really good.

- KamalDeep Dung

Thank you, David for your comment :-) Yeah, it would have been nice to have had a 'real' crew, talented actors and better editing ;-) Getting free locations here in TO is an impossibility and my own place is tiny and cramped. Therefore the solo shoots, for now.

- Lee Sjostrom

Thanks, William! Actually, it was less effort than working with a crew and 'real' actors. Good luck to you with the competition as well!

- Lee Sjostrom

The script and dialogue is great!!!

- David Chabashvili

Very interesting film, you obviously put a lot of effort into it. Thanks for your comment, and good luck with the competition.

- William Allum

Thanks for your comment, Mark :-) I'm not quite sure that 'shambolic' is a compliment, but I do like F. Scott and have read and have a collection of his books.

- Lee Sjostrom

Thanks, Ian! I'm glad that you were entertained and that I made you chuckle! I love when that happens!

- Lee Sjostrom

A heady and shambolic journey, with F. Scott Fitzgerald flavour and the many faces of Lee.

- mark abriel

I was very entertained! The sudden entrance of all the ghosts was great! I am very impressed by your quality, especially as a solo act. Definetely voting for this, because it made me chuckle :)

- Ian

Thanks for the compliments, Hedia! Yup! I always look forward to seeing everyone's films. There is SO much talent in most of the entries!

- Lee Sjostrom

I like your five characters, Lee! And the addition of the Ghost of Just in Case... I also want to echo what Andy said. As for the fact that you've already watched every film -- wow, good for you, I am just getting started...

- Filmaka

Thank you, -V- BRANG ;-) Thanks about the acting. It's really not all that difficult for me to play several roles. In the third solo one one that I did, I played 9 different characters.

- Lee Sjostrom

Thanks Blake! I totally enjoyed making it, even if it was challenging in my crowded apartment. And I hope that I grab one of YOUR votes :-)

- Lee Sjostrom

Thanks, Andy! Well, it IS a totally solo production so in that aspect it's 'one' of a kind, lol!

- Lee Sjostrom

i liked the concept ! and u have got a great actor because its difficult to do 5 different in a single frame!


Very interesting film! Original story! Very nicely edited! Im glad you liked my film "Perspective" I hope I grab one of your votes!!

- Blake Brewer

This is fascinating in a way I can't quite put my finger on.Truly one of a kind!

- Andy Novak

Thanks, Benjamin :-)

- Lee Sjostrom

Randy ... I made the 'wine' out of really old, powder apple tea. It tasted terrible! I never drink 'real' alcohol during a shoot, but I did have a couple of beers after I wrapped that night.

- Lee Sjostrom

Love it!

- B R

Wow! Thanks everyone ( Ro, Dan, Ali, Michelle, Jose and Randy) for the great comments on my video! I finished watching every submission last night, commented on all of them and have short listed 9... It was a VERY difficult job because there are so MANY really good entries for this theme! Now I have an even MORE difficult job of choosing 5 out of the best for me, 9, to finish off the voting process and qualify for the competition!

- Lee Sjostrom

Nice twist on the Christmas theme. Whatever you were drinking, Lee, I want some too!

- Randy Hines

Good job! and funny acting and editing!

- Jose Antonio Perez

loved the concept Lee! You are amazing acting, editing brilliant! you have my vote! michelle

- michelle pretorius

Nothing wrong with surreal and wacky, lol :) You always surprise me, Lee! Another one well done.

- Ali Black

"Just in case there are no ghosts." What a wacky and surreal little movie you've got here.

- Dan Wainio

You are one fantabulous woman, Lee! Excellent work for just one person, AGAIN, and I mean the acting of 5 characters, the music, the editing, even take off on Charles Dickens. You have my vote! xo

- Rogan Blaze


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