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Wild Card FILMS


INSPIRATION / MORE INFO: loneliness, is such a sad affair Original Soundtrack: Luisão Pereira Sound Designer: Glauco Neves Finalization: Pablo Oliveira

SUBMITTED BY: Alexandre Guena


NATIONALITY: Brasilian , RESIDES IN: salvador




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The Bomb SquadPascal Fuerst
Votes: 14
GuiltLuis Finol
Votes: 6
R&RReed Hall Clément
Votes: 68
Winner (Peer Votes)
A Day in the CityTodd Strong
Votes: 2
CLAIRVOYANCEMarco Motti Shalma
Votes: 24
Surprise!Lee Sjostrom
Votes: 27
Wasn't Me, DudeBenjamin Relf
Votes: 13
Alone TimeDarrell Holliday
Votes: 2
The game of warLuca Immesi Giulia Brazzale
Votes: 31
Winner (Filmaka Selection)
Hickory DickoryJames Baker
Votes: 19
Winner (Filmaka Selection)
ReverseTanya Agarwala
Votes: 3
MissingSila Agavale
Votes: 0


ya i totally agree with hedia. and i liked the first shot when phone is giving the messege. good. Please watch my entry, 'Sometimes...'.

- KamalDeep Dung

The actress had great range and your shots were very good. I loved the opening track of the phone line as we hear the message. Well done! Please check out "Speeating" for some laughs :)

- Ian

I love what you are able to portray emotionally with such simplicity. Also how vulnerable and open the actress allowed herself to be.

- Filmaka

I loved the music and the idea of your film. Check out my film "Perspective" and let me know what you think. You seem like a very honest person lol..

- Blake Brewer

thanks for your non-constructive comments

- Randy Hines

Bliss is boring!

- Alexandre Guena

Not sure I understood the structure of your piece. Nicely shot. I get the loneliness part but I wanted a bit more narrative to help me along. Check out "Bliss".

- Randy Hines

Lee, thank you for your positive review, but i'm affraid you are mistaken about my age range, i can only say we shouldn't be so age prejudicial, we might get surprised ;)

- Alexandre Guena

Good cinematography and editing. Music good as well... I can see this appealing to the male 15-23 age bracket ;-) Please watch my 'Surprise!'

- Lee Sjostrom

One of my favourites! All the best!

- Dipankar Mukherjee

Music: Alice by Frank Jorge

- Alexandre Guena


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