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Wild Card FILMS



SUBMITTED BY: Dipankar Mukherjee







Cool film :) with nice surprise :)

- David Chabashvili

The ending was awesome! Very spectacular film making. I enjoyed your film a lot. Well done! Please check out "Speeating" for some laughs :)

- Ian

Oh and I like the title -- it actually didn't give anything away for me, simply because we went from guy one to guy two, so I assumed it was that the title referred to. Although I did think to myself, hmmm, that's not really a passenger, but I didn't think further enough to figure out anything else before the ending reveals it to me.

- Filmaka

Really well-done. Wow, what an ending! Many excellent moments. Beautiful shots, such as the cactus and the poor, poor little bug! Great first-time actors!

- Filmaka

Really good surprise ending!! I really think you might like my film "Perspective" watch it and let me know what you think. Thanks!!

- Blake Brewer

Didn't see that one coming really, i was expecting something totally different. It was very simple but effective. Good Work.

- Luis Finol

Hey Bro thanks for your comments. Do you like my acting, i m playing the role of astrologer in my film ( Sometimes... ).

- KamalDeep Dung

@Lee Sjostrom: Thanks for watching and the comments Lee. Have watched your film and would be commenting on it soon. @NKbroadcasting: Norman, "No. 3" is among my favourites in this lot. Congratulations on your film and thanks for viewing mine. @Kamal: Great you liked my film. I watched "Sometimes" and felt that it should have been made in Hindi or any other vernacular and later subtitled. I think the language compromised the performances of the actors. A great effort otherwise. Thanks for your support!

- Dipankar Mukherjee

Its really very good concept and liked the acting too. The way he (Car Owner) Falls on the ground after great run is so natural.

- KamalDeep Dung

Very well made in all aspects. Had it NOT been for the title, I would not have seen the ending coming ;-) Please watch my 'Surprise!'

- Lee Sjostrom

Very nice, kept me watching the whole three minutes. Some good shots too. Congrats. NKb

- NKbroadcasting

very funny. It will be a pleasure to work with you. Actually, \i work with big budget too and won the best award from MTV Brazil in 2006. But, just gimme indie rock and thats okay. And congratulations again about your film. Try to see my film superstar in this competition. bye.

- Alexandre Guena

Thanks. All the characters are played by first-time actors auditioned off the street. The 'girl' happens to be my wife :)

- Dipankar Mukherjee

I like the sound and the actor. The girl is great too. Congratulations!

- Alexandre Guena


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