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Wild Card FILMS


INSPIRATION / MORE INFO: I saw a little girl spraying perfume on her mother in the mall


OCCUPATION: Freelance filmmaker





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Bloodstained FootprintsMarty Stalker
Winner (Filmaka Selection)
The KillerAlexandra Torterotot
Winner (Peer Votes)
Beauty is BlindMichael D. Kelly
Winner (Filmaka Selection)
You want a Sandwich ?Aliakbar Campwala
Winner (Peer Votes)
Last ManBrett Lamb-Shine
Winner (Filmaka Selection)
Dos en la ciudad (City of two)Julio Oyaga
Winner (Filmaka Selection)
ANNIEIan Allen Lim
(Currently Playing)
Winner (Peer Votes)
The game of warLuca Immesi Giulia Brazzale
Winner (Filmaka Selection)
Bad DreamsWill Tennant and Simon Gill
Winner (Peer Votes)
PassageMark Abriel
Winner (Peer Votes)
Still Watching?Rudolf B.
Winner (Filmaka Selection)
HERE IT COMESPeter Marshall Smith
Winner (Peer Votes)


Now voting is over i can comment! I did vote. For the execution and directing. However, "Mum Dies and Dad and Daughter Cries" is, just a little cliche. The emotion in the story is as a result of being brave enough to tackle the mothers death front on. Well done. We tend to avoid this kind of thing. I don't have suggestions to argue why I think the story itself however. (Taking out cinematography, a cute little girl, and the good performance) Maybe this is just brilliant because it exploits the general audience emotion. I kinda cringed, but then, that's because I've seen it so many times in the short film market. One thing I can say, if you can demonstrate this quality on non emotional exploitative topics, then I'll be buying cinema tickets for your films before too long. You were definitely competition for #TwitterMovie! At least in views. Congrats! I feel proud to have competed with this film! Regardless of results! (Bet it gets through!)

- Alle Segretti

very well shot, and edited.. though i find this story to be a little emotionaly exploiting....( i am happy there wasnt a dog.) i still have to say good job

- marco shalma

So prettily shot, so moving, and what a performance by the little girl! -- Maker of "Vantage"

- Filmaka

very good work. everything matched just fine. please watch my film: "the bomb squad"

- Pascal Fuerst

Very touching ! Shortlisted!

- David Chabashvili

Emotionally bound film, the little girl shouldered it fantastically. Well done! Please check out "Speeating" for some laughs :)

- Ian

Deeply touching. Superb acting from Annie and the father. The camera work and the little dip to the empty side of the bed when the father turns over was brilliant. Shortlisted! Check out "Bliss".

- Randy Hines

WOW ITS very heart touching story and music is also very good. Please watch my entry, 'Sometimes...'.

- KamalDeep Dung

Nice film, one the few which I thought had a complete beginning middle and an end...nice to know you also came from IAFT...and a fellow Filipino...

- Jethro Patalinghug

wow I so meant don't sweat it...embarrassing...

- Blake Brewer

Haha don't sweet it your film was great.. check out my film "Perspective" im sure you will find something similar in mine..oh and your definitely shortlisted..

- Blake Brewer

Nice catch blake =)... my bad on that one.

- Ian Allen Lim

Awesome film! I watched it with a group of guys and we all almost cried.. only critique of the film is that the little girl takes the pillow away from the bed and then later when the guy wakes up the pillow has magically returned.. but the film is great.

- Blake Brewer

Beautifully moving...

- Robin Glass

Top shelf!

- B R

Effective performances. Child actor carried the film without any false notes. Enjoyed the nakedly emotional tone of the film.

- Dan Wainio

Found your lead actor Daniel Gonzales very intense and impressive. I wish him the very best. Good luck for your film as well.

- Dipankar Mukherjee

So sad! Oh, so sad! Well done in every way. And the little girl was adorable in her role and very real. The ending brought tears to my eyes. Thank you. Please watch my 'Surprise!'

- Lee Sjostrom


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