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Wild Card FILMS

The Killer

INSPIRATION / MORE INFO: Where a simple wrong turn on your way home can lead...

SUBMITTED BY: Alexandra Torterotot

OCCUPATION: Director, Script Supervisor





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Bloodstained FootprintsMarty Stalker
Winner (Filmaka Selection)
The KillerAlexandra Torterotot
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very nice . Grt idea. i enjoyed the wait for the discovery, i will , though agree with Dan W that i wd have like to get into the suspance a little earlier. Good job

- marco shalma

Interesting and well-executed idea. (I don't feel that the subtitle is necessary each time. Once, possibly twice, serves the purpose in my opinion.) -- Maker of "Vantage"

- Filmaka

Sweet Film Noir !!! Slick at the end! nice job!

- Aliakbar Campwala

Excellent film!!! Clever and well shot! Shortlisted!

- David Chabashvili

its really good short i liked it so much. i totally agree with william that looked very professional. acted is really good. well presented too. Please watch my entry, 'Sometimes...'.

- KamalDeep Dung

Awesome ending and a great concept. I was engaged throughout and really enjoyed your film. Well done! Please check out "Speeating" for some laughs :)

- Ian

I enjoyed this film, great timing.

- B R

Very, very good, looked very professional. Loved the ending as well, simple idea executed perfectly. Reminded me all the French New Wave I used to watch at Uni, made me feel slightly nostalgic.

- William Allum

Well done in every aspect! It had my attention right from the beginning and the ending was excellent. Please watch my 'Surprise!'

- Lee Sjostrom

Very clever ending. Enjoyed this one. Great tension building. Well done.

- Will Brooks

Clever. All the best for your film. Even my entry, "Passenger" flirts with themes of destiny and free will.

- Dipankar Mukherjee

Took a little while for it to get going for me, but about halfway through you built up a solid amount of suspense and I was interested.. Great use of black and white and very clever ending.

- Dan Wainio


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