Inspired by Comic Strips...

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Inspired by Comic Strips...

Postby Leonardo812 on Sat Mar 07, 2009 7:34 am

Hello fellow film-makers,

Using a medium that combines visuals as well as audio, I'm often inspired by other forms of art, from photography to music to commercials and radio shows. One of the things that has had the largest affect on me as a film-maker is comic strips. From famous comic strips in the newspaper to web comics, I see comic strips every day. They often have fantastic pacing, brilliant humor, and engaging characters.

One of the most interesting things about comic strips (to me) is that the artist takes a cast of characters and often a set of locations and is able to produce hundreds if not thousands of these strips using them, and some of them manage to be hilarious every single time. I'm always looking for new ways to use the medium of film, so I thought, "Why not do the same thing?" A series of short films (possibly one to two minutes released weekly through the internet) using the same concept that comic strips do - a set of characters and locations - to create a new kind of comedy series. I love animation, and having a specific set of characters and locations (although I could definitely introduce new ones along the way) would make producing a series like this inexpensive and (relatively) quick.

What do you all think? Could this work? Any ideas on making it better? Am I crazy?
Just some thoughts for discussion...

- Jordan, who has too many ideas and too little cash to actually bring them to life. :)

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