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Igor Shumeyko
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Filmmaker Started to work in the sphere of cinematography in 1979 as a cameraman assistant. Since 1991 till now I produce and realize video production in compliance with my own scripts. I shoot for foreign TV companies according to the requested topics: screenplay,filming video & audio, preparation/convertation and correction, editing, sound mixing, recording of the needed original in the necessary format (PAL, NTSC), delivery via express mail or the Internet. Shooting in the morning and you get the prepared material or reel in the evening - it is possible. I have own mobile equipment set for express production & delivery of audio visual product of broadcast quality: camera, film editing station, Lighting equipment. Shooting on the territory of the former USSR without any languages and administrative problems: Russia, Ukraine, republics of Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan, Caucasian Republics: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaidzhan. Translation into English from Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish languages. Home address: B E L A R U S 220101 Minsk, Rokossovskogo 98-3 Home telephone number: +372 8 130 47 15 +7 938 526 54 84 e-mail:

  • Location: BELARUS. Minsk, Moscow, EU.
  • Joined: Dec 28, 2008
  • Skills: filmmaker, author, film & photography director, producer, paraglade pilot, scuba. Start work in cinematography in 1979. The completed education (VGIK, Moscow) and practice for using 35-16 mm cameras, films, lighting and special filming equipment.
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