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Luis Bernal Salazar was born 28 years ago in México City, he moved to Leon when he was five because of 85's earthquake. At the age of fourteen he began writing for comic books and published several stories in a Heavy-Metal type magazine called El Ático (The Attic). When he was 18, he moved to Puebla to continue with his engineer career but he dropped out of the university to continue his true passions: storytelling and filmmaking. He left México to live in Madrid, Spain, where he studied screenplay writing, editing, directing and cinematography. He came back to México recently to start working in production and as an assistant director in advertisement and music videos; he quickly began directing second units. On the side, he started doing short films with his associate, the cinematographer Rodrigo López Aldana, for Filmaka since "the secret" competition and together have done three short films and a 10 episode series for them. After winning the 1st Runner Up in Filmaka's 2007 Competition, Luis is currently writing the screenplay for his first feature film. His favorite directors are Stanley Kubrick, Luis Buñuel, and David Fincher, the writers that he admires most are Paul Schrader and Charlie Kaufman.

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