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  "What better way to gauge WhatOnEarthIsGoingOn? than to ask 'filmakas' around the world to answer the question in a series of short films. As a creative director born in the land of the boomerang it is not surprising that I have always enjoyed throwing ideas out there and seeing what comes back. Filmaka is a wonderful open source way of accessing new ideas and new talent from new places." -David Alberts, Founder, WhatOnEarthIsGoingOn?

We received almost 100 entries from across the globe, in every style - documentary, narrative, experimental, animation - and on almost every topic - swinging Cholitas, dating in the cyber age, nature, family, and religion. You can view all of them below.

Filmaka Member votes helped determine our 15 Finalists who were featured on MSN.com. Those films can be viewed at  www.whatonearth.msn.com

David Alberts and the WhatOnEarth Jury then chose First and Second Place winners to receive $7500 cash each, a Third Place Winner to
receive $5000 and one Special Jury Mention.  

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Don't Just React

INSPIRATION / MORE INFO: Human apathy and inaction towards the gradual destruction of the Earth.

SUBMITTED BY: Manjiri Prabhu

OCCUPATION: Writer, Filmmaker





White Noise
Directed By:Slobodan Tomic
Winner (Peer Votes)

Green Mother
Directed By:Pramod Sahoo

120 Meters
Directed By:Cherrybombmusic

The Swinging Cholitas
Directed By:Jules Stevens

The Sleeper
Directed By:Jules Stevens

A Little Bird Told Me...
Directed By:Richard Tasse

Pandu Series Webisode 1
Directed By:Pramod Sahoo

Waiting To Work
Directed By:Doug Dahl

Keep On Wondering

Junk Boat
Directed By:Sam Boyer
Winner (Peer Votes)

Directed By:mike russell

The Bigger Picture
Directed By:Brendan Walsh

Meet With Ds
Directed By:Kenji Kawataki
Winner (Peer Votes)

All Around Us.
Directed By:Patrick Smith

Children In Crisis
Directed By:Cathryn Fowler

Ballentine: Top Of The World
Directed By:Matt Weinglass

Man On The Bridge
Directed By:Paul Makkar

Tabloid Tales
Directed By:Yvonne Deutschman

White Noise
Directed By:Slobodan Tomic

Balancing Island Time
Directed By:Ty Pederson

Unfortunately Malory
Directed By:Lux

Directed By:Nathan Waire
Winner (Peer Votes)

Directed By:Amit sharma

Directed By:Takehiko Nishizawa
Winner (Peer Votes)

Live Green
Directed By:Rahul Shah

The Hope Chronicles
Directed By:Polly Green

Environmental Sands
Directed By:Algis Kemezys

Lets Not Ruin The World

Uranium: Boom, Bust And Back a
Directed By:Ryle Yazzie, Doug Bocaz-Larson

West Coast Fallers
Directed By:Mike Lisenchuk

Coming Of The Son Of Man
Directed By:Brad Reynolds
Winner (Peer Votes)

The Waiting
Directed By:Ragni

Sorry, Mother Earth
Directed By:Alan Panley

Directed By:Kelly Li

In The Blink Of An Eye
Directed By:Cayley Moffat

The New Jungle
Directed By:Thomas Gatley

Charly Angel
Directed By:John Efthimiou

Directed By:wujinlongzhu

The Dare
Directed By:Nainesh & Satish

The Bushman Of Bunyipbillabong
Directed By:Cameron Edser&Michael Richards

Death Note | Short Film Noir
Directed By:Ryan Ohm

Escape From Czech Republic
Directed By:koudis

Neon Thoughts
Directed By:Kevin Bradshaw
Winner (Peer Votes)

Escape From Czech Republic
Directed By:koudis

Bon Appetit
Directed By:Matthew and Barnaby O'Connor

Central Station
Directed By:Fabrice Boutique
Winner (Peer Votes)

Why I Do It?
Directed By:Pablo Olmos Arrayales
Winner (Peer Votes)

Anonymous Death
Directed By:Irvin Charleston

Geri Donusum / Recycling
Directed By:Eray Demirsoy

Dj Dopamine-Breaksome,Prague
Directed By:koudis

3-Minute 4-Play
Directed By:Johnny O'Reilly

Shapeshifter Prequil 007
Directed By:Algis Kemezys

Directed By:Koudis

Aboslutely, I Do
Directed By:Aline Allegra

Directed By:navarro

Stephen Spielberg
Directed By:Jon Abe

Caring For Cats
Directed By:Algis Kemezys

Directed By:Christopher Ables

Girl - Woman
Directed By:genio

Life Cycle
Directed By:Tom Mansfield

Mexican Earth
Directed By:Giselle Elias Karam

The Horologist....
Directed By:Oláh-Badi Lebente

Unemployment, Environment
Directed By:Daniel Zsingor, Chris Sabau

This Is My Life
Directed By:Alexander Honisch
Winner (Peer Votes)

Earth Is Goingon This Way
Directed By:khushvender kumar

Strong Bodies Fight
Directed By:William Donaruma
Winner (Peer Votes)

Leaving The Ivory Tower
Directed By:Lee Isserow
Winner (Peer Votes)

Quite Summer
Directed By:mengying niu

A Tap Dripping
Directed By:Joshua Balgos
Winner (Peer Votes)

Directed By:Dima Hamdan

A Tap Dripping
Directed By:Joshua Balgos

Directed By:Joshua Balgos

Small Town Cowboy
Directed By:Konstantinos Koutsoliotas

Don't Just React  (Currently Playing)
Directed By:Manjiri Prabhu

Child S Play
Directed By:Ankur Kapoor

Attitude Of Silence
Directed By:SantoshShikhare&AbhijeetWalanj

Ash The Depressant
Directed By:Zie Rad

What On Earth Is Going On?
Directed By:Richard E. Hardacre

Directed By:J Pinder

In Aluminium We Trust
Directed By:Herbert Sveinbjornsson

A Street Artist
Directed By:Kubanychbek Kendirbaev

I Am An American
Directed By:Peter M. Smith

Quadriplegic I Am
Directed By:Richard O Jones

The Klinic
Directed By:Daniel Stephenson

La Colocation
Directed By:Remy Hespel

Lol :-)
Directed By:Davide Luciano

Dirty Pig
Directed By:Davide Luciano

Market Square
Directed By:Yasunari

Directed By:Rupert Bryan

Directed By:Surya

Money Possesses Us
Directed By:Ann

What On Earth Is Going On?
Directed By:Alannah Ryane

Olta - The Barb
Directed By:A. S. Hakan Gok
Winner (Peer Votes)

Directed By:Asif Anis Khan

Into The Ruins
Directed By:dhanush

Like it..

-Bernard Renaud

That was hardhitting! Good work!!

-Amol S.C.

Nice work. Eyeopener

-Chintan Sareen

Very good.

-Shelaagh Ferrell

Fantastic video. Good effects! I think the end message is the only ray of hope. If we all can act that react we have a tomorrow. My vote to you.

-Bipinchandra Chaugule

Where is the hope? Would like to see more of the solution and less of the problem.

-Polly Green

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