About US

Filmaka is a digital platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talents, compete for opportunities and build their careers.

The platform is an alternative for talent who don’t have access to the film industry through traditional avenues. Films that are submitted by Filmaka members to a Filmaka competition are seen, judged and selected by a jury of top tier professionals in the entertainment industry and by fellow Filmaka members. At Filmaka, aspiring filmmakers from across the world can connect, collaborate, and compete for a wide range of professional opportunities.

Initially launched in 2007, within just a few years Filmaka had 25,000 members from 152 nations who created over 800 hours of original programming. Our members created content for major global brands, shot an award- winning web series, had a commercial air during the Grammys and directed several feature films.

In 2011 when the financial markets collapsed we took the time to regroup and learn from the past. Now Filmaka is back and stronger than ever with a new website, new sponsors and an expanding Jury to provide Filmaka members with a unique opportunity to showcase their talent and further their career.