Film Competition

Direct your next feature film.

Over the next 12 months, compete monthly to win the opportunity to make a fully-funded feature film that Filmaka will produce in conjunction with Riverstone Pictures. Filmaka's expertise, resources, and seasoned mentors will guide and enable you to fulfill your creative vision.

Brand Film Competition

Work with a major brand.

Do you have a unique vision? Compete for your next professional filmmaking opportunity to work with a major brand. Our sponsors are looking for new talent and want to work with Filmaka members on their next campaign. Click here to see past competitions.

Web Series Competition

Direct a web series.

Every 3 months, Filmaka will choose a web series to finance, produce, and distribute. Submit your short film pilot, along with a written treatment for the next 5-10 episodes, and your series could be in production in just 3 months. You may even win a Webby!

Free Form

Do you have short films that you have directed?

This is your opportunity to enter your short films into Filmaka's Feature Film Competition and get noticed. Every 12 months, Filmaka will award a winning filmmaker the chance to make a fully-funded feature film in conjunction with our sponsors Riverstone Pictures.