Periodic Competition

Direct a feature film.

Compete in any of Filmaka's 12 Periodic Competitions. If you win, you have the opportunity to enter the Final Competition for the chance to make a fully-funded feature film that Filmaka will produce in conjunction with Riverstone Pictures.

Brand Competition

Work with a major brand.

Do you have a unique vision? Compete for your next professional filmmaking opportunity to work with a major brand. Our sponsors are looking for new talent and want to work with Filmaka members on their next campaign. Click here to see past competitions.

Web Series Competition

Direct a web series.

Periodically, Filmaka will run a web series competition. Filmaka will award the grand prize winner a production budget to shoot their original ten-episode web series.

Documentary Competition

Direct a documentary.
Compete for the chance to direct a fully-funded documentary that Filmaka will produce.