Contest Name :School Pix, Submission Date :04-25-2018, Uploaded By : Corey
Directed By :  Corey Ross-Robertson, Pennsylvania State University , Student Filmmaker,,
Shot On: iPhone 7 Plus and Canon C100,   Crew Members: 4  Duration: 10.46 mins
Brackney ,Pennsylvania , United States   Views: 247
Inspiration: Doortugal covers my journey in trying to make a documentary film in Lisbon, Portugal. My original goal with the documentary was to get a private look into the life of an average Lisboeta (Person from Lisbon). While shooting the documentary, I encountered a lot of failures while trying to make this happen and I discovered that these failures were, in themselves, an interesting story. The result is a hysterical short documentary following me as I ask people to let me into their homes, speak with them, and hopefully make a meaningful connection with them, only to have 99% of them turn me down. It's an extremely fun journey and it is easy to identify with me as I go about it.

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Between the Crosshairs-Adam
Between the Crosshairs
Directed By Adam
4.30 min
Two Islands-Marilyn
Two Islands
Directed By Marilyn
20.10 min
Directed By Corey
10.46 min
A Quater To Five-Yuan
A Quater To Five
Directed By Yuan
4.01 min
Hang In Hell-Veronica
Hang In Hell
Directed By Veronica
12.01 min
Never Forgive Me-niko
Never Forgive Me
Directed By niko
1.00 min
Directed By Maria
21.00 min
My 20th Birthday-Mary
My 20th Birthday
Directed By Mary
5.22 min
La Madrina-Liujiyi
La Madrina
Directed By Liujiyi
9.21 min
The Wretch Whom You Created-Lily
The Wretch Whom You Created
Directed By Lily
1.00 min
The Differences Between Us All-Adesewa
The Differences Between Us All
Directed By Adesewa
3.45 min
Instinto(The Instinct)-Esteban
Instinto(The Instinct)
Directed By Esteban
15.00 min
Sleeping / Csak alszom-Kata
Sleeping / Csak alszom
Directed By Kata
4.01 min
Directed By Sebastian
9.00 min
SCHOOL - (Short Mockumentary)-Matthew
SCHOOL - (Short Mockumentary)
Directed By Matthew
1.00 min
Directed By Emma
0.50 min
Directed By Emma
0.50 min
Drama Club-Emma
Drama Club
Directed By Emma
1.00 min
Directed By Antoine
0.50 min
Henry Gaultier-Antoine
Henry Gaultier
Directed By Antoine
1.00 min
Henry Gaultier-Antoine
Henry Gaultier
Directed By Antoine
9.00 min