Master Foo

Contest Name :The Secret, Submission Date :04-30-2007, Uploaded By : Yasunari
Directed By :  Johnwind & Yasu, ,Theforest,
   Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.95 mins
, , Malaysia   Views: 347
Inspiration: Old kung-fu films, meditation & inspiring locations.
Other Info: We wanted to try a fun & simple approach to show how some ancient secrets have been mocked by commercialism. Enjoy!

Surprise surprise I voted Your film with five stars of especially like the old fashioned film effects and the idea that the new world has no time for true spirituality there's a certain atmosphere that I liked in the second half and the little bits at the end were fun. 
Thanks! I appreciate your comments and glad you enjoyed the film. We experiment with styles of film that gives one the sense of actually being there, not just in a physical way but a spiritual one as well. 
At first I think the film is a little bit laughable.But the scene that the man talked about living environment of ancient people by branches and stones,with a comparison of modern housing estate at the background,and the last scene about the dvd make me really love your film!It's a really good concept and you use a good way to tell it.You get my vote! 
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