The Russian Roulette

Contest Name :The Game, Submission Date :05-24-2007, Uploaded By : Sammie
Directed By :  Sammie Lau, Visual Producer,Hong Kong,
   Crew Members: 7  Duration: 3.51 mins
, , Hong Kong   Views: 2249
Inspiration: Action, gangster and cult movies.

Superb performance and loved the cinematography,,wonderful gangster genre film....u r on my list 
honestly guys that was amazing! name tags were great! storyline was gold and acting was spot on! keep it up! 
I've got to hand it to you, you've got style. Great rythm, editing and acting. Really liked the camera angles also. Great job! Surely short list material. 
Well shot, well edited and does offer style. As for story, it seems like one section of a much larger film. Doesn't seem as it stands on it's own. 
GOsh it was almost good. But then, it became another short film that didn't want to give up it's secrets. Why! Why!? Give up the secret, let the audience know the ending, let them live the story, don't shop off their legs as they run to get the milk! 
Pretty good production qualities, given the general. Didn't seem to want to end, and when it did, it didn't end, just stopped. 
Aye like!!!That was good! 
Very stylish and rich to watch. Great shots and editing.Liked it very much.All the best. 
Loved it! Beautiful color and cinematography! If you have the chance take a look at my film "Unsoundness of Mind" 
I love it! It's far from the clasic estereotype and exiting! It's funny because I did quite a similar short... go and see "the game of life" and tell me what you think... Dario 
great movie, loved the angles and the tension. keep it up 
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