Contest Name :The Prophecy, Submission Date :06-29-2007, Uploaded By : Sean
Directed By :  Sean Crowder, filmmaker,St. Louis,
Shot On: Panasonic HD, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 1  Duration:
, ,    Views: 642
Inspiration: The films of Werner Herzog.

I don't usually go for the talking head/lecture type, but I found your comments insightful and intelligent. As a whole I found your piece very interesting and I appreciated the subtle use of fx, and the fact that your whole piece does not hang on them. Well done. 
I love Herzog! And I too enjoyed this. Most people comment and leave their movie's title on everyone in hopes that you'll notice it, but mine's "The Productivity of Earth," if you want. 
Sorry, wrong field. 
Thank you. The speaker's name is Forest Crawford, and I filmed his talk for an hour. It was all off of the top of his head, and it's perhaps the most brilliant speech on prophecy I've ever heard. He's not a "professor", but a profound thinker and a common man. I'm not a fan of "talking heads" either, as most of the time my philosophy is "show, don't tell"... but I found that this cut was more hypnotic than all of the others that were bombarded with imagery. As for the visual special effects, the plethora of colors at the beginning was actually a mountain range that I filmed while driving. All I did was add a mirror effect and change the color scheme, and the effect is a complex Kubrick-like mandala.  
Thanks. After watching Herzog's movies, I again had faith in filmmaking, and decided to tackle this as a career. Herzog is proof that not every story has been told, that there are still unexplored levels of the human condition, and that new worlds are waiting to be created. His films are filled with "truths" that can be interpreted from an infinite amount of perspectives. Hence, the dancing chicken. Is it God mocking us? Or does the chicken represent Bruno's alienation in a mechanistic system that makes individuals into "dancing chickens" just to get an ephemeral reward? Or, it could just be a dancing chicken. To say it means only one thing would be to make the same mistake that television makes daily. 
I'm really glad that I've found this network, as it's a good way to get exposure and to meet others with creative drives. The only downfall that I can see is that the first level of voting seems to be based on a system of "If you vote for me, I'll vote for you" resulting in a manipulated final count. In fact, this is inevitable, as everyone wants to win and become noticed, so they'll vote for their least favorite films. I'm not accusing you of this, but wishing you the best of luck in this month's contest. May all of the votes be authentic and honest, and may the most passionate filmmaker win. 
Firstly i'd like to comment on your statement that the system of voting is flawed, i personally dig this site as it has inspired me. I do hope people dont just vote for other people to get a vote, but vote for what they like as that is the essence of this site for me as a Film maker starting his career. Your film is very interesting, but i think it lacks a certain artistic intent. and i feel you could have done so much more with you medium 
great film. nothing like anything else on this site. it seemed, in a good way, that it was much longer than 3 minutes. I agree with your voting concern. Why vote for other good films, because then the chances your good film will not make it. I think that's where the jury votes come in. They'll (hopefully) see past the ones that aren't about The Prophecy or are not as good as other films on this site. Your film was very well done. Good luck to you. natebower(Belief) 
Thank you. In my opinion, depending on the context, aesthetics can drown the message. I appreciate good criticism, and I wish you the best of luck. 
Thank you. I appreciate your optimism and comments. 
I was talking to my brother about that today. I told him that I hope that doesn't happen, or worthy films won't win, and the site would lose credibility. I hope everyone else feels this way too. But I'm worried they don't. 
Sean that's a really neat take on prophecies. Music helped set the mood well! The dialogue was great and I love the fact that your actor improvised his lines. As for the voting system, i know what you mean but all we can do is hope that votes are authentic. Oh and if you vote for me I'll vote for you :P hehe just kidding but Good Luck with your short! 
Innovative concept.The actor has done a great job! And if u dont vote for me then i wont vote for u.... pssst!!!!! :-) May be the best films win! All the best! Deepak(G-4) 
well done!!!! 
Very great 
It was good 
Really cool, i enjoyed this a lot. BD (Oedipus Rex in 3 min) 
I appreciate your comments, and this goes to everyone else I haven't had a chance to respond to in my inbox. I haven't voted yet, as there are still a few films I haven't watched, and I must see ALL of them before I can decide. Best of luck to you, and I look forward to seeing your future work on filmaka. 
It's really hard to find "intellectuals" that are attention-grabbing on film. I've been filming a documentary on an ex-Nasa engineer that claims to have invented the first nanotechnology, and when he forgets about my camera the footage is extraordinary. Although, when he gives a speech that he's written, he looks down at his feet and whispers. 
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The Prophecy -  The -Santiago
The Prophecy - The
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United States
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The Prophecy-Santiago
The Prophecy
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United States
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Directed By Sean

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Still Waters-Sean
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3.00 min 1

"Curse Of Fate" Ep.4
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The End Of The World
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3.10 min 0
Making Of-STANKA
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Transeunt Heir
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