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Contest Name :The Prophecy, Submission Date :07-01-2007, Uploaded By : Ms Alle
Directed By :  Adam Todd, Andrei Savkov, Dawn Natalia, Purva Naresh, Directors!,Aus, US, India,
Shot On: Digital, Edited On: FCP (Sydney),  Crew Members: 6  Duration: 3.00 mins
, , United Kingdom   Views: 801
Inspiration: Adam, Andrei, Dawn and Purva wanting to break international geographical boundaries and share Filmaka!
Other Info: Andrei is the only one who isn`t making a 10x3 Series! Thanks for all the footage Andrei!

hey guys, great work on the short! i liked the concept and the fact that you guys pulled filmaka in to it! superb work with gfx too :) 
A Prophecy by some Russian archeologist from the past with authentic Russian Navy shirt? Seeing the future Filmaka series? Great stuff! Very original guys! I don't know if anyone did this before - creative collaboration of international filmmakers from completely opposite parts of the world! Great effects, score and editing! How did you guys put all this together? I'm impressed! 
Wow. I mean WOW. That's a very unexpected film. Not a siungle film even remotely draws on this concept. In fact I thin you guys are the first to pull together a multi country short! Well done! 
???! (i'm sorry) 
EXCELLENT !!! Loved ... 
Matteo - 10x3 - series - see the Filmaka Home Page and click on Series :) 
Very cool, original concept. Nice collaboration, well done. Justin Pinto (The Prophecy) 
YEAH (sorry2) 
An impressive piece, considering the language and distance barriers you have bridged to make it. The visuals, especially the map sequences stand out. The only thing that was off somewhat was the ending. I'm not sure I saw a lot of "dread" in the world as mentioned by the main character. Maybe some stock footage of some world catastrophe's might have helped? But, it doesn't detract. Overall it works. It was intriguing. You get my vote. 
I love iT! Great colaboration from around the world. I especialy like the 10x3 tie in with filmaka nice work Andrei! 
liked the location too, the face of the actor is interesting, maybe it would be better cutting more and disolving less. 
What do you mean "the fx doesn't fit very well because of the composite" ?? I don't understand. 
Actually I asked Minori to change from cutting to dissolves and she added the layered opacity which I thought was very time passing. 
Mille Grazie, Steve. I thought about doing it in the rain, but my wife got scared... 
Hi, Kevin,Yes, the language barriers were a challenge, especially that Australian to American translation. Adam said something about "Put the beef on the barbie, mate" and we ended up with a shot of a doll in a very uncompromising position, which for some reason never made it to the final cut :) 
Andrei you woose! Actors don't have choices! They get wet! 
Loved the special effects and the actor was very good. I voted for your film! 
Great concept, loved the World Map effect. Is nice to know that a place like Filmaka can bring people from diferent cultures and so far away from each other to do something outstanding. 
Thanks. Mucho in minutes. 
Hey guys great work! Glad i saw this, love the concept of crossing borders. Cant wait to see whats next.. 
Yasu - What's next? WHAT'S NEXT!!??? Are you making some kind of prophecy? ;) 
Thanks Jardiel, I've never done any CG before, in fact I took on the task of learning Motion which only arrived the Friday before the deadline :) Sometimes you need necessity to drive you :) Pulling together the footage was challenging on it's own, but it worked and people seem to really like it. So with some really good encouragement I have no doubt we'll look at doing more :) 
That was very cool. Well done and looking forward to the episodes. 
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