Lost And Found

Contest Name :Lost and Found, Submission Date :07-28-2007, Uploaded By : Terry
Directed By :  Terry Miles, Filmmaker/Student/Writer,Vancouver,
Shot On: DVX100, Edited On: FCP 6.0 powermac,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 2.94 mins
, , Canada   Views: 766
Inspiration: Robert Altman and my cast.

Great acting. Always good to see a strong local conestant 
unexpected ending! Good job. . . 
hahah great acting. The script was great! good job Terry! 
You have a pretty talented cast there, congrats. Check out a retelling of the Red Riding Hood tale by Vangelis Mylonas 
Great, great cast. Great looking film as well. Best of luck!--Cameron ("Lucidity") 
Great job with the script and acting! All in all, an enjoyable film! 
I really liked the chemistry with the actores and there are great dialogues. Nicely directed! Check out "13 1/2" and tell me what you think. 
Fantastic job! That's a killer cast you have. Great cinematography and editing as well. This film is going places. 
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