To Die Again

Contest Name :Lost and Found, Submission Date :07-30-2007, Uploaded By : Estructura
Directed By :  Benigno Piñera. Miguel González, Gabriel Romo, filmmakers,mexico city,
Shot On: canon xl1, Edited On: final cut pro,  Crew Members: 10  Duration:
, , United States   Views: 2798
Inspiration: Life after loss. The need to carry on through memories beyond our own existance, so someone can find meaning to our lives.
Other Info: this short was shooted this month in our last trip to japan. music by: manolo piñera animation: andres magaña produced by: estructura7

guys that was wicked! editing was once again amazing! The script was great and storyline was top notch! 
thanks! we aprecciate your comment! 
Good rythme. Nice images. Good sound. I rely like this film Good luck. have someting to tell. Eh! miguel 
thank you fée! we will watch your movie... 
Wow... you guys did a very good job here! The editing stabilishes a great pace that's accompanied by some beautiful music. The location also looks wonderful... must've been a great trip. Great short! 
I watched that film twice ....realy, realy good 
awesome film! the narrative gelled with the shots superbly.. i really enjoyed it. good luck! 
thanks a lot for your comment! 
Hi Benigno great short. The lighting in the last few scenes were brilliant, great cinematography. Narrative was interesting...thumbs up. 
Very well done! How did you post this? The last scenes really doesn't look mini-DVish at all. Keep it up! 
what i liked are the images and the way uve edited them. its like a painting on mixed media. but i got a little lost as i watched ur film. this is just a thought... if we do not know what we've lost, we will never be able to find it. urs is a very deep film. cheers and good luck. Smitha (Lost and Found - a new hope). 
thats because we made a lot of color correction in postproduction, hard work. thanks a lot for your comments!!! 
Hey guys, that was really beautifully done. It made me want to return to Japan. The poem, music and images all came together gorgeously. --David (Lost in the Forest) 
Well done, witch program did you use? 
thanks a lot for your comments david! ill see ypur movie right away! 
Very well done, congratulations 
beautiful narrative and imagery. i love the ending, and watching it a second time brings new meaning to the story. this is a wonderful short and a great achievemnt. 
Loved the scenes of Japan. Great story. Rene (A Boy and His Dog) 
Blew me away. All around incredible in terms of cinematography and editing. Really, great job, great film.--Cameron ("Lucidity") 
great, thank a lot for watching it twice! thats the hole idea... 
we use COLOR of the new final cut pro suite and after effects, realy cool software! 
thanks cameron! realy apreciate this comment 
no mames que peliculon!!!!!! forget about the short list! Congratulations y buena suerte! Bono, "LUPE" 
gracias! que bien que te haya gustado tanto! 
editing is highly effective. music is used intelligently. scenery is uniquely refreshing and original. quite intriguing film. - Jonathan ("The Barbershop Cigars") 
Loved the style of this film! You guys managed to say so much within the span of 3 minutes, and that is amazing! --Joseph Chiang (Remembrance of Things Lost and Found) 
thanks joseph! got to say that we liked your film a lot 
great work guys. I'm inspired by how great you made miniDV look, what equipment did you use? short-listed 
thanks a lot for your comment!! we used final cut pro and after effects for the color correction, very effective tools 
i've watched this film five times. it's just incredible. the first time i wasn't even paying attention to the story i was just looking at the shots and editing.. the second time i was reading the text.. the third time i managed to put it all together.. fourth and fifth time just for revision.. what the heck i'll watch it one more time.. brilliant.. :) 
man we apreciate a lot this comment! 
I've had this huge debate with myself on whether feature films should be shot on film or digital, but I'm glad to say your short seals the deal for me. I know I'll start paying more attention to what after effects can do for me from now on 
Me gustaron las tomas de Japon, y el final. Buena Suerte 
I've been to japan 3 times, so I can appreciate your feelings.The way you've shot and edited the film is great. I have one suggestion. Say less with words and more with images. During the middle part you can loose the majority of the audience. Do not expect people watching it twice. You have one chance to grab the attention and use it with full impact at the end. 
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