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Contest Name :Lost and Found, Submission Date :07-31-2007, Uploaded By : Yasunari
Directed By :  Cydonian Exile, filmakas,Penang,
Shot On: Canon, Edited On: PC,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 2.80 mins
, , Malaysia   Views: 498
Inspiration: Lost & found
Other Info: Many thanks to a multitasking cast & crew!

You need more than 3 minutes for this piece - you should extend it. Some excellent editing. - Michael "Black and White" 
I invite you to watch "minute after" by fernando reyes 
very interesting images, nice shots! maybe you can improve it with a little more powerful music in order to give more intensity to your images. realy enjoy your concept 
Cool imagery! Rene (A Boy and his Dog) 
russian village is cool...hahaha good job mate!!! 'TAKEN' daniel stephenson 
fantastic images. looks like its straight from hollywood. i just felt that the music score could have been a little different to suit the visuals and the fonts. Smitha (Lost and Found - a new hope). good luck. 
Thanks for the comments everyone, we really appreciate it. I know it might be a little confusing n fast-paced for some, it was coz we had a much bigger story in mind and ran out of time towards the last bit, hence the editing/sound was hastened. Look out for Part Two soon. 
Gracias! will keep that in mind for the next one. 
You've got some beautiful images here... and a good and experimental style of editing. Take a look at my short afterwards, "13 1/2" 
nicely edited! a lot of great shots as well! an intriguing story for sure! - Daanish (Nadir) 
Gorgeous shots and very well edited! Liked it a lot!--Cameron ("Lucidity") 
Great storytelling! Enjoyed it a lot! 
I like the Lovecraftian themes and the editing. Check out a retelling of the Red Riding Hood tale by Vangelis Mylonas 
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