Contest Name :Lost and Found, Submission Date :09-20-2007, Uploaded By : Trevor
Directed By :  Trevor Hardy, Care Assistant,Lancing, West Sussex,
Shot On: digital SLR, Edited On: Premier-pro,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 1.93 mins
, ,    Views: 3443
Inspiration: Walking my dogs George and Wally and the struggles I had trying to find them and keep them out of trouble. Good memories!!!!!
Other Info: Made in my garage at the end of my garden, Bruno took about 3-4? weeks to make, so a really quick turn around for this one. I hope you enjoy my film!

man what a great characters design! (a regular day in ana´s irregular life) 
Once again you make a great sweet little story with a character you imidiately like. You really have a talent for such films. - Anne Heeno ( TIME) 
Once again you make me wanna drop everything and learn modelling. Great stuff! 
Holy mackerel - I hope you're doing claymation professionally because you're really good at it! You must have a lot of patience! Great job! 
Thank you so much, they are really kind words. Well I guess here in the UK it is not so easy to find stop frame work, but I do have my own little studio that I operate from.I am probably the most in-patience man around, other than when I'm doing animation I seem to have a very focused veiw with that.Anyway, thanks again for your support! 
Hey, thanks!That's a really nice thing to say! I am always really chuffed when I receive emails like yours. It makes all the long, hot hard hours worth it!Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to write a comment! 
Anne,Thank you, Your words of encouragement are really heart warming. I am so pleased you liked 'Bruno' and I really hope other people feel like you do? 
JESUS JONES!!! Trevor Hardy is the man! Welldone sir! 
Thank you for your encouragement...made me laugh out loud!!!Cheers, I needed that!Trev'Bruno' 
Very nice...keep it up! 
interesting have different looking at your project.congratulations again. 
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