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Contest Name :The Voyeur, Submission Date :08-31-2007, Uploaded By : James
Directed By :  James Milano, Student,Barnegat, NJ,
Shot On: JVC Mini DV Handycam, Edited On: Sony Vegas,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 2.59 mins
, , United States   Views: 642
Inspiration: The idea of being able to make a fun action short about a guy taking revenge on internet voyeurs was inspiration enough.
Other Info: We`re all about making fun films that everyone can enjoy.

I had a very good time watching your film, it works beautifully, the whole action-farse comes together nicely. If you have a chance watch my short SEE and tell me what you think. 
HA! That's sweet! I love the idea, and it was executed quite well. Only improvements might be better audio quality (on the V.O. especially), and I would personally recommend using a tripod for this kind of short. But a very good job overall, you're on my shortlist. -jason (For Shame) 
very funny idea. the trailer voice over was just perfect. good luck mar "Memories" 
Nice work, I enjoyed watching your short! 
Not very funny but well done. Good luckFée 
I appreciate everyone's kind words. Keep the feedback coming. 
thought is very good very nice James, good luck"Voyeur by Divakar Ghodake" 
This felt more like a trailer than an short with a story. However, nice take on voyeurism. 
Good trailer. Loved the line of dialogue. (Nate Bower - "Safe" - pg. 4) 
James that was great! awesome voice over and unique idea for the topic! loved the muzzle flashes as well! good luck! - Daanish (Publice Service Annoucement) 
It is a trailer. Since filmaka gives so much leeway on creativity, we decided this would be a creative and different way to tackle the idea of voyeurism. Thanks for the feedback. 
Daanish...Google detonator films unit k and you'll find a site that offers a ton of free muzzle flashes, effects, etc. It's an awesome site, the people who run it are really down to the earth. And even the better "pay" effects are only like 5 or 10 bucks. 
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