Contest Name :The Voyeur, Submission Date :08-31-2007, Uploaded By : Honorato
Directed By :  Honorato Magaloni, Teacher,Mexico City,
Shot On: Panasonic mini DV, Edited On: Final Cut pro,  Crew Members: 10  Duration: 3.29 mins
Inspiration: Working with actors to develop story and characters

hey, thanks for your comment. Your film is great, especially the ending. azi rahman (the voyeur: unseen press junket) 
Que tal Honorato! enhorabuena, me gustˇ mucho el tratamiento de la historia y la actriz maravillosa, sal˙damela de parte de un ''compa˝ero''Felicidad nuevamentesalu2 a estructuraMario (El ojo de cristal) 
enjoyed the story. think it could have been told with more visual explaining the story and no narration. great shots, aesthetically it was beautiful. 
I was really hoping she was going to give his corpse a strip tease in denial, because deep down she needed him. 
What a touching story.Weel done, good editing good sound .Congradulation Mr Mogaloni.FÚe (Thanks for your comments about my short film.) 
bravo! very sensual. 
Well shot, nice story and very good editing. The music got a little tiresome though. Overall, really enjoyed this one. Great job! 
Wow. Very powerful and brutal. It's so hard to create so much empathy for a character in three minutes that something as dramatic as suicide will ring true...but you've come very close. Close. I don't know if it was quite enough. Still, a professional-level short with a good story, I've shortlisted it. -jason (For Shame) 
Hi Honorato, Excellent!!!The spirit of the movement was wonderful, Well Done every thing music, camera, story ...and Acting ..great.... "Voyeur Divakar Ghodake" 
yeah, good work, very hipnotysing, nice short plans and the all style of film! Suerte hermano! 
That was great! Very creative and wonderfuly acted. It reminded me of "La Jette" Good luck with it. 
great editing and camara work. suerte! 
Thanks for your commentary, actually La Jette is a strong influence in the short. 
Very brave to use such a long voice over, but I prefered the visuals alone. I think voice overs are very dangerous and I have only seen few examples of well used ones: Confessions of a dangerous mind and Alphaville. Keep up with the good work. 
you always seem to have great shots in your films Honorato! i really liked the voice over! i thought it went with the film sooo well. wow. - Daanish (Publice Service Annoucement) 
Hi Honorato was thoroughly immersed in this film. Loved get my vote.. 
inspiring. ending is the zenith.. 
Creepy. In a good way. I just wish the compression that Filmaka uses wasn't so horrid, but I guess that's the nature of web streaming. I think this would be even more powerful if you could fully study the frame. C'est la vie. Nice job, and thanks for the comment on SQUARE EYES. 
Usually i dont like this kind of mood, but i like it, really really good! ^_^ 
a realy good film! great director! ill vote for this one. 
A very engaging film and good solid acting. Thanks for commenting on my film. All the best! - Yasu (Orvilles World..) 
well done very good story....wonderful acted good luck"Voyeur, by Divakar Ghodake" 
i saw your film and loved it.. very well shot..-rinkie grewal 
wow. that was really intense. really good, but really hard on the soul. which doesnt mean good or bad. check out mine and tell me what you think: 'loss in hi8". 
Great short! 
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