The Clinic

Contest Name :The Clinic, Submission Date :09-12-2007, Uploaded By : Robert
Directed By :  Robert Miles-Kingston, Music producer,London UK,
Shot On: DVD Handycam, Edited On: apple mac,  Crew Members: 1  Duration:
, ,    Views: 1014
Inspiration: Brian Haw and the peace protesters on Parliament square. `State Britain` by Mark Wallinger.
Other Info: Peace brokered by force,The dissolving clarity of information. The clinic supplies the dope

The music is absolutly mervelous, the motion is great, but I did not realy found the point with the clinic. Good luck. Fée 
thats so harsh man, please let me know how long it took you to edit that, every frame was to the beet, nice one buddy. "my Goodbye Story" 
great use of subliminal images, was that an effect that you used to alter the colors?? 
VJ Style, nice work , i loved the edition , 100¾atmatching, and i loved the music. Good Luck 
I like how you used the images to produce a hypnotizing effect that goes very well with the music. It kept me watching. Good luck. If you have a chance see my short The Patient and tell me what you think. 
im not sure i got the overall message/point (with the clinic) of the film. 
I wish I could have your film on a permanent display on my wall. Great imagery and of course music, which makes or breaks such pieces. Great piece of electronica. Good luck and please check out Homunculus by Vangelis Mylonas 
Great images, you should be sending this to mtv 
Very well edited. I love the graphics and the music as well. Good luckGreg Karpinski - "Clinic" 
Really cool too.Smita ( The V.V.I.P) 
The Clinic is a way of describing a dispassionate and detached body responsible for shaping our futures. It is chiefly responsible for the health of our collective and individual surroundings. It influences the way we live and the way we die on many levels. it has grown organically and has developed a collective personailty that we all contribute to either in ignorance or denial. The images in my film are images of human beings blindly following doctor's orders without attempting to understand what substance it is we are ingesting.We cannot accept this reality because it would destroy us morally thus we follow everybody else down to the clinic to get our daily dose. 
Though I know this is a very subjective piece, I feel you lingered on several of the images a bit too much. It's a very intriguing visual style and I believe I got the basic idea behind it, but I can't help but feel it took you too long to get there. I was definitely captivated for while, though my mind was wandering towards the end. If I hadn't watched it a second time I wouldn't even have noticed the baby in there. That's a powerful image, and if you wanted to maximize that effect, you should have put it somewhere in the beginning. Anyhow, it was a good piece. Nice job. If you get a chance to watch "Grievous Angel" I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on it. Thanks! Michael 
i actually loved the pace of the piece. i like the unpredictability of it, and it almost put me into a trance while watching. i feel as though on some level, the film places the viewer in a clinic, which is pretty cool. and of course the music and editing are beautiful... keep up the good work!! check out my film, "the clinic: subsistence 17" by sonia kifferstein 
Great concept. Your technique of colorizing and manipulating the images work really well. I also like the music and the pacing: the editing rocks! Amina Khan ('Out of the Cocoon') 
Just a hue shift but with extra contrast and vividity. Some of the original footage was flowers. I went to an exhibition by Damien Hirst in June. He had these extroadinarily large canvases of retouched microscopic pictures of various Cancer cells. I wanted radio-activity and cancer as a part of the theme. My pulsing blue blip in particular. Check out Hirst's work, it's astounding. 
I'm especially impressed to find this is your first attempt. I hope you stick with it. 
Thanks everybody for your time taken to comment about my film. I was knocked out to have recieved some votes. I hope to see you all again some time in future contests. I think all the film-makers here deserve to be seen. Good luck everybody. 
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