Tesla`s Suicide

Contest Name :The Clinic, Submission Date :09-17-2007, Uploaded By : Max
Directed By :  Max Sacker, Filmmaker,Berlin,
Shot On: Krasnogorsk-3, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 2  Duration:
, , Germany   Views: 6209
Inspiration: Self help through Electro Therapy?
Other Info:

wow, this is quite possibly the most frightening short film i've ever seen. much more effective than the typical slasher/blood films i've seen on here. true fright. excellent mise-en-scene, cinematography, shots and sound. - Jonathan ("The Wrong Clinic") 
Thank you! 
Yes!yes!yes! we can feel all the nightmare by the sound, the pictures, the motion and the black and white. ..very very good. Fée 
wow, that made me feel.... uncomfortable... in a good way! really striking images and fantastic use of sound. you've got talent my friend! -Brian (Addiction Control) 
good dude, really really good, it had such an old feel 2 it, i cant handle that your actor actually shaved his hair, great work,intro was well designed.let me know what u think of mine. "My Goodbye Story" 
This film just blew me away...well made in every aspect, very creepy 
I LOVE IT !!! it's a very good work of sound design and cinematography, thank you for showing us this fantastic work, and for offering us more nightmare on your website ! Niko 
Thank you all for your kind comments! They are very much appreciated. I owe it all to the film stock! I was amazed with the results. For those of you that are interested it's Fomapan 100 from the Czech Republic. This is a beautiful reversal stock that can be processed as a negative or a positive at home. 
The word "Lynchian" gets thrown around a lot, but I think your piece really deserves it. I'm glad films like this are submitted here, it makes me want to improve as a filmmaker. Good luck and please check out Homunculus by Vangelis Mylonas 
That was freaky. A 2007 version of the Twilight Zone mixed with Hitchcock. Very well done! 
Very nice use of B 
Very nice use of B 
Brilliant short film. Very disturbing and scary. I love the way you combined the use of light, great film stock and an actor who wasn't afraid to give that fantastic performance. I'm glad to see this high quality short here on Filmaka.Best of luck!Greg Karpinski - Dircetor of "Clinic" 
Beautiful. Atmosphere , Like a hand developed B/W photograph-wonderful deep shadowy black and great contrast. Your actor had amazing expression. and your 2.45 was paced to really good effect. Glad you didn't use dialogue. 
Did someone watch "Pi" before attempting this? It was definitely wonderfully shot, and the visual effects were reproduced with, what seemed like, great care. And on top of all that, a touch of your own flavor really spiced things up. Nice work. Please watch "Grievous Angel" if you get a chance. Thanks! Michael 
Wow! So effectively creepy. Great, great job! (Bryan - "Lucas and Mabel") 
i love such pictures ... beautiful and full of atmosphere, everything is perfectly balanced ... great stuff 
Electrocution scene was beautifully done - an appropriate death for such crisp light and contrast. Thanks for sharing the film stock. (Julia - "Patient") 
This is just the best movie of the month. Maxime (Help) 
An interesting film... scary yet beautiful! Enjoyed it a lot! 
This is, if not the one, one of my favorites films in Filmaka. Keep the good work and good Luck at the finals. 
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