The Clinic: Subsistence 17

Contest Name :The Clinic, Submission Date :09-30-2007, Uploaded By : Sonia
Directed By :  sonia kifferstein, filmmaker,nyc,
Shot On: sony Z1U, Edited On: final cut studio 2,  Crew Members: 1  Duration:
, , United States   Views: 562
Inspiration: in a future where morality is controlled, i wanted to explore some of the problems which might emerge.
Other Info: this films mostly deals with the constant anxiety one must feel, and the physical manifestations of such (leaving many details to the imagination)

schizophrenic music goes well with this nutty piece! - Jonathan (The Wrong Clinic) 
Very well shown possibility.- Stanka Gjuric ("Alone") 
Great job editing, Sonia. You have fantastic actors, I really enjoyed their performances. Very well done! (Bryan - "Lucas and Mabel") 
Thanks for the comment, Sonia. I just watched your short, and I must say I had mixed feelings about it. For starters, the peaking of the audio every time your male actors spoke (or screamed), particularly Tompkins, was very distracting. Now, it occurs to me that with your creepy background music/noises (which I very much enjoyed), that you may have intended this "effect". If that was, in fact, the case, you should have shot it so that the audio was in acceptable levels and tweaked it in post. That way you could have had more control over their vocal "distortions". The only other major complaint I had was that I was often given the wrong, or so it seemed to myself, impressions of the characters via the camera angles. The only character that I could accept being shot at a low angle is the female, since she was the "power figure" here. The other actors, should have been shot at eye level or high angles, to induce a sense of inferiority. All that said, I really did like the storyline, and the actors were wonderful. Just a little more honing and you'd have had a winner. Keep up the good work! 
I'm sorry you didn't enjoy my choice of camera angles michael. I was attempting to focus on the small, clostrophobic feeling of the environment. I conciously used low angles for the female because, as you said, it places her in a power position, but I think it's naive to limit yourself to "rules of filmmaking" like you suggest. The low angles in other cases are meant to portray shame, humility, closeness, and a range of other emotions. And to be fair, more often than not the patients are shown from high angles - which of course depicts their inferiority, by the books. 
Great concept. Though I tend to agree with Michael about the technical aspects, especially the audio. David A Elliott ("Rob Ridgeway Mobile Massage Therapy") 
I hear what you guys are saying about the audio, but I did in fact work on it in post, and was concious of the bizarre effect of the peaking (especially when tompkins is screaming). The first character speaks in a very strange, nasal voice, which also sounds jarring at times, but I liked this effect. I think my audio may be louder than other films as well, so perhaps listening to it at a lower volume would give you a different perception... 
Hey Sonia. Really nice concept. Everyone loves a "what couldthe future be" piece. I loved your actors as well. Would have been interesting if the therapist was more likeable though. I completely agree with you about your choice of camera angles. Thanks foryour comments on "The Dose." 
its sad that we know this is how the future will be, but we all stand back and just allow it to happen, perhaps in the future we well consider the repercussions of what we did not prevent, great script, i hope you do well, it was really good, i really hope you do well 
Interesting concept. I enjoyed it but have to agree with others that distorted audio was really annoying and affected the whole short film. Well editedn and nicely shot.Good luck with it!Greg Karpinski - director of "Clinic" 
thanks for the feedback alex. I really enjoyed your film as well. I instructed my actress to play the therapist sort of like a nurse ratchett character, but I see your point that there might have been other ways to better portray her. Good luck to you! 
It's not that I didn't enjoy them, Sonia. I just believe that the rules are there for the uninitiated, the people outside the film making community. I love to see people breaking those rules, and still getting across the same effect that the rules say you'll get. I just don't think you got it here, though I appreciate your effort. Case in point: When Marvin is talking about watching his wife undress you went to an extreme low angle. The dialog here suggested to me that the society of your Orwellian future frowns on his action, but then the camera is suggesting to me that Marvin is a hero (which he very well could be, but the story would have to elaborate on that...). Like I said, though, you've got something good going here. I hope to see some more of your submissions in the future. Good luck! 
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