Miguel And The Doc Ghys Biss

Contest Name :The Clinic, Submission Date :09-30-2007, Uploaded By : Fée
Directed By :  Fée saint Pierre, Filmaker & Painter,Île Perrot,
Shot On: minidvd, Edited On: Avid,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.06 mins
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Inspiration: Like I did for the short films before, this is a real fact. The Miguel part is "Cinéma Vérité"
Other Info: Ghys is a good actress. She went at my place and this is a one take shot. Miguel was just impress.

Kudos for a really good film, Fee! The acting is just fantastic and everything flows so well! Congrats! 
Enjoyed it. The kid is really good. It's a little talky, though, and could be shorter. Thanks. Mark 
Great actress! Good job. 
The actress has a lot of charisma. I bet with more time this could have been even better. I like the way she talks to the kid. ;-) 
Charming as always, Fée. I expect little Miguel to do some more acting once he's grown up! Good luck 
the woman with the bear is hilarious, that is exactly my kind of humor, nice going 
A great, very charming film (again!) from you. I really enjoyed this one. Well done and good luck! (Bryan - "Lucas and Mabel") 
She's brilliant. I'm watching all the films and this is the first one I've seen that I want to show to my mates who aren't film makers. Well done. Editing's a bit clunky bu who cares. Definately shortlisted. Have a look at "the dose" and let me know if it makes you laugh. 
Sweet story! Well done.Best of luck1Greg Karpinski - director of "Clinic" 
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