Mi Esposa, Mi Hijo Y Yo (My Wife, My Son And Me)

Contest Name :The Clinic, Submission Date :09-30-2007, Uploaded By : Mario
Directed By :  Mario Perez de Alba Corona, Actor,MC,
Shot On: México, Edited On: Final Cut Express,  Crew Members: 4  Duration:
, , Mexico   Views: 1142
Inspiration: human mind
Other Info: we shot the short in 2 hours time, exactly to become crazy afterwards.

realy great 
Great story! 
Excellent. Really captured a performance. Refreshing. 
Nice story 
those are some great perfomanses. a case of the loonies taking over the madhouse. beautifully shot. good luck and please check out homunculus by Vangelis Mylonas 
Great performances and fantastic, kinetic cinematography. I loved it. Good job and best of luck! Bryan - "Lucas and Mabel") 
so good photographie, the actor are just great. Real nice short movie. You did so good in a so small time. Fée 
wow ... fantastic acting, impresive and strong ... great job 
This is like a tiny feature film! Great acting, editing, setting, story. -William Donaruma (Free to Good Home) 
Thought this was really great. You had excellent actors in this. David A Elliott ("Rob Ridgeway Mobile Massage Therapy") 
i love hoe you can see the patients in the reflection of the window, very upsetting film, your very good at what you do,please comment on my film "My Goodbye Story" 
empezando porque las actuaciones estuvieron blow minding, a pesar de las dudas que me dejas al aire o tal ves porque existen, considero este córto más que interesante; intrigante y perturbador(bellísimamente perturbador).Me quedo con ganas de más y me llevo buen sabor de boca...=0) 
De nuevo un buen corto con un tratamiento interesante y perturbador. Felicidades. ¿Ya viste "The Patient"? Me gustaría saber tu opinión. Suerte. 
Wow! I really didn't expect that. In my opinion it's the most powerful film in this competition. Amazing performances, beautiful photography accompanied by great camera work and editing. There's not enough words to describe it. Congratulations. I could bet it was a scene from a feature film!Good luck!Greg Karpinski - director of "Clinic" 
My dear amigo Greg!Thank you very much for all your comments. One of the first shorts I saw was precisely Clinic, is already shortlisted and you already have my vote! is such a nice piece of work, the take in which your actress(so good by the way) leaves the building, she exits by the right and then the camera moves to the left, letting us follow it as it turns again to the right to find the actress again, is marvelous, when I saw it I was like how did he do it! is amazing, I know a great magician never reveals the trick, but gotta tell you that found the editing point on it, is an amazing take you did.The story is really well described, she (the actress)is sensational, good work, she takes her time for the character to bring everything out, specially in the last scene, when the doctor closes the door, and the kid (marvelous kid) stays outside, letting us see more from the character itself by deciding what to do in the end. In many other words nice work, keep like this.leave you my email so we can get in touchzzcaseta@hotmail.comSincerily your amigoMario 
que buena actuación!! creo que aqui tienes un corto muy poderoso, pero que falta un poco de illuminación en algunas tomas y la camara se mueve demasiado para mi gusto. ojala tengas chance de checar mi trabajo. suerte amigo ! Niko- "Extasy in the Hospital" 
Nicolás, tu corto está lleno de imágenes que van y vienen dentro del hospital, llaman la atención, el tiempo que nos dan es un factor importante, úsalo como herramienta a tu favor. La música delata muy bien quizá el estado de ánimo de los personajes que deambulan en el hospital.Pues estamos en contacto y mucha suerte!PD La iluminación nos falló un poco, gracias por todos tus comentarios, se los hago llegar a los actores. 
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The Clinic: Subsiste-sonia
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