The Toiletech Movie

Contest Name :Extra Curricular Activities , Submission Date :10-26-2007, Uploaded By : Maxime
Directed By :  Maxime Pourbaix, Student,Lille,
Shot On: Panasonic, Edited On: Pinnacle,  Crew Members: 5  Duration: 3.87 mins
, , France   Views: 602
Inspiration: What would you really do to keep your job? My inspiration is coming from my own experiences with my ex-bosses, in offices
Other Info: This is my 2nd movie. Enjoy it.

Barbwire, that was funny. Really absurd film, good job. Please check "Guitar Heroes" by Vangelis Mylonas 
Good one..Good contest.Can you please look at my videos "sleepingbeauty","noboss..noloss" and "chat@office" 
Hahaha...toiletech... nice. Funny and surreal. I really liked it. Take a look at "File 4413" and tell me what you think. Daniel Barosa 
Really good original idea - i think we all had to go through similar stuff at our jobs. Nice effort.Good luck! Greg Karpinski - director of "Regulation 214b" 
Good mixture of fun and drama. Just the way i like it. You got my vote! Keep up the good work! 
Absolutely brilliant. Love the ending, it was so bizarre!hahaha! Good luck! 
well done Maxime, a perfect office short film. Good luck. 
Good Idea with great acting.Congrats.Paras R.Gandhi-director of "Pants Down" 
Great script, clever dialogue, good acting! Well done, Maxime! --Joseph 
this is such a witty film, really really enjoyed it. but I think the attack sequence at the end was unnecessary, it would've been perfect to end it with the boss's announcement that the efactory is moving to Uzbekistan 
Well, I guess I just shot a lot of people's fantasy : dreaming that their boss would finish like this 
Nice going. Thank-you for the ending! I actually really liked it. 
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