When The Boss Goes Out For Lunch

Contest Name :Extra Curricular Activities , Submission Date :10-26-2007, Uploaded By : Joseph
Directed By :  Joseph Chiang, Printmaker,Singapore,
Shot On: Digital video, Edited On: After Effects,  Crew Members: 0  Duration:
, , Singapore   Views: 1594
Inspiration: Those inanimate objects lying on my office desk. I like to imagine them coming to life with their own activities when everyone is out for lunch.
Other Info: A stop motion animation starring: 2 ballpoint pens, 2 adhesive tapes, 8 coloured pencils, 3 sharpeners and a clock.

That was a very charming piece, it reminded me of watching cartoons on a Saturday morning. Nice to see you're sticking with stop motion Joseph, you got a knack for it. Good work and please check out "Guitar Heroes" by Vangelis Mylonas 
Loved the music, and cute animation. Really liked how you worked with the stopmotion! Keep at it.Daniel Barosa "File 4413" 
nice work. do check out my animation movie "My Office" 
Goodone..Please check my videos "sleepingbeauty","chat@office" and "noboss..noloss"thanks 
Really creative....Nice Work....To think of such a concept is really unique 
That was really enjoyable! Good music, good animation!! And Good Luck!!! 
Good work... but I don't get it. 
sorry you didn't get it... try to imagine the stuff on your desk coming to life with their own activities when you go out for lunch. :-) 
Thanks for the kind word, Vangelis. As I am still quite new in stop motion, your encouragement means a lot to me. I have watched your film and left my comments too. --Joseph 
Thanks Daniel, I'm glad you liked it as this is only my second attempt at stop motion. I had watched your film and enjoyed it very much! Thought it was really fun! --Joseph 
Thanks Ankur, it's nice to hear from a fellow animator! I had watched your film and thought it's really well made! More importantly, it is a truly enjoyable film! --Joseph 
Thanks Srinivasa for watching my short and commenting on it. I had watched your films and I really admire you for being so prolific! --Joseph 
Thanks for your kind word, Paras - really appreciate it. I had watched your film and enjoyed it a lot, especially how you ended it! --Joseph 
Thanks Manjiri, I'm glad you enjoyed the music and animation. I can't seem to find your film for this competition, did you participate? --Joseph 
Hello Joseph, liked it a lot, reminded me of being a child, sitting in front of your homework and you are much too lazy to do it, instead you play with all the objects..well done and good luck to you. 
Hi Marcel, thanks for the encouraging comments. I'm glad the film means something to you. I've watched your film and thought it was really sweet, with a nice twist at the end. Really well done! --Joseph 
Hey Joseph, i found your film ok. then i went and checked out your previous films (this filmaka stuff is new for us) and wow! I found your other shorts excellent! especially 'the voyeur across zappa street. that rocks! 
Thanks Nathan, I'm glad you took the trouble to check out my previous films on Filmaka. Yes, the 'Zappa Street' one was one of my personal favourites, and I really enjoyed making it. I've watched your film and thought it was really cool and creative! Well done and wish you all the best! --Joseph 
I have really enjoyed your work. Awesome! Keep up the great film making! 
Thanks for the encouraging word, Dave, and I'm glad you enjoyed my work. I've watched your film and left my comments. I thought it was one of the funniest ones here! Two toes up! --Joseph 
Hey Joseph,As usual very high standard animation and interesting approach. Well done.Good luck!Greg Karpinski - director of "Regulation 214b" 
Thanks Greg. Watched your film and enjoyed it tremendously. It's a brilliant concept! Best wishes! --Joseph 
Nice one! 
Thanks Max! I remember your film 'Tesla's Suicide' for the last contest was really interesting! Did you take part this round? --Joseph 
Good and interesting job, as always, Joseph ;-) Maxime "Toiletech Movie" 
Thanks Maxime! I've watched your film and I thought it was really good, from the script right down to the acting! --Joseph 
Best of luck Joseph. I liked your last piece for the clinic too. I've been a bit busy making another film for live show called embryomix so I've been a bit pressed for time. I'm struggling to view all subs. I'm a bit pissed off because my submission for extra curricular failed to show up in the submissions selection. Eventually after alot of email enquiries I was told it may be because my film didn't match the criteria. I was wondering if any filmakers could view my film and agree this is so. It's called 'WORKING FROM TRAIN TODAY' the extra activities being grafitti artists in west London plying their trade trackside. The railway being their office or place of work producing Art for people who don't see it, just miss it or don't appreciate it ( you may have to view my film The Clinic to access the train film.) Perhaps you could let me know your opinion. Don't worry if you don't have time though, Good luck in this month's contest. Robert Miles-Kingston.bobbymk 
Hi Joseph. Thanks for your reply.Obviously even though the film upload was accepted it can only be viewed from my account. Sorry. Try goiung to my website You can view other films and stream music too. Good luck in the competition. Regards, Robert. 
Thanks to everyone who voted! 
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