A Tail Of Two Holidays

Contest Name :Home for the Holidays, Submission Date :11-30-2007, Uploaded By : James
Directed By :  James Milano, Writer,Barnegat, NJ,
Shot On: Panasonic Mini DV, Edited On: Sony Vegas,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.00 mins
, , United States   Views: 433
Inspiration: Peter Cottontail evens the score in: A Tail of Two Holidays.
Other Info: Had a TON of fun making this short. I hope you can have fun watching it as well!! All music used is either original or available in the public doma

Yes another one from James. Your on roll man! Perfect shot was great and this one is just as good! hahaha wow great story! shortlisted! - Daanish and David ("home for the Holidays" pg. 3) 
Didn't see that ending coming and yes it did look fun to make! Good job guys! Daniel Stephenson 'Home for Xmas 
This film has a great concept and kick-ass execution. A lot of fun. I loved the music and the editing. Really weird and a lot of fun! Great work! -Brian ("Christmas in Reno") 
Very absurd and surrealist. Good job. Maxime (Christine's Christmas Big Adventure) 
i do not like guns but this was very funny, better plot then tarantino and marvelous costumes .carla egerer (dreamdog girl in bagdad) 
absuuurd :-) very funny. Anastasia 
Good acting. The concept is hard to understand but i like the clip. 
That was sick and twisted.......Great film!!! 
Brilliant. Nice costumes, grading och cheer fun. Shortlist. 
What a mad film! Well done. Never realised the Easter Bunny was so twisted. Shirin The Ball 
Cool film. Very well done. The soundwork is brilliantTroels 
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