Contest Name :Wild Card Contest, Submission Date :12-11-2007, Uploaded By : Terence
Directed By :  Terence Wright, Director,UK,
Shot On: Sony Z1E, Edited On: Avid,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 2.98 mins
, ,    Views: 468
Inspiration: I was sick of seeing drug related deaths in the news and wanted to do something to help.
Other Info: The film was written and filmed over a weekend using local talent for a cost of 10.

Nice use of effects. It's not often that the effects actually tell the story instead of supporting or even distracting from it. 
In the beginning I tought 'Oh no,yet another short that's going to show us in detail how to use drugs',BUT I kept watching and at the end I was convinced. This is a little masterpiece and certainly one for my shortlist. 
Hey Terence. Nice job agree with Ghostwriters comments but should be wary of the audio dialogue was panned to the left till last few scenes and was a bit distracting. 
Great concept! - Took me a whie to get into it, but when the photo sequences appeared, I was impressed. 
Very good effects and a moving story. Good luck!Please have a look at "Simon and Emily go to the moon" and let us know what you think 
Nice editing. good film. Tom "Death of a Carp" 
Hi LeeMany thanks for your comments. I though your film complements your feature very well. I'm from Cheshire and have been to your site a few times and am looking forward to seeing Simon and Emily.RegardsT 
Hi TomThanks very much for your comments!RegardsT 
Nice work! Really good editing. Good work and good luck! - Robin Ehlde "The Bus Stop" Pg 4 
you know, it is said that a person od-ing is due to the fact that they change dealers and the crack is cut in different percentages. very few people od because they take too much.just wanted to point that out, i'm not really sure it is related to the way you thought about this script. the film is okay but the theme is a little cliche 
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