Super Combo Hoplophiliacs

Contest Name :Wild Card Contest, Submission Date :12-20-2007, Uploaded By : Daniel
Directed By :  Daniel Barosa, student,Argentina,
Shot On: mini-dv camcorder, Edited On: Adobe Premiere,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 1.82 mins
, , Brazil   Views: 484
Inspiration: Fast food.
Other Info: It took a whole lot of convincing for the restaurant to let us film in it. They didn`t know about the mess we`d make though.

Hey Daniel, very interesting and original idea. Well executed! Good luck. Please have a look at "Simon and Emily go to the moon" and let us know what you think. 
Very nice one. I would not be suprised if one day it would become possible to order a gun together with a hamburger somewhere in a big country I'am not going to mention by name :-) 
bizarre...but i like it... 
Daaaark! But good short! 
Daniel, Bravo!!!!!!! que peliculon!!!!!Thanks a lot, a nice breath of air finally!!! 
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