Viva La Vida

Contest Name :Wild Card Contest, Submission Date :01-11-2008, Uploaded By : Filmaka
Directed By :  Hedia Anvar, ,,
Shot On: DVX 100, Edited On: Fincal Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 3.00 mins
, , United States   Views: 761
Inspiration: Shadows of birds on the pavement, gathering on telephone wire one by one
Other Info: A caged life

Very nice camera work. I loved the shots and how they were edited--it flowed very smoothly. I like the idea, you're piece has a lot of cool imagery. Good luck!--Dane (Dir.) 
Fantastic. I really enjoyed your film. A touchy area but a job well done. Congratulations! (Check out Grasshopper, Current Madness and Tokyo Raw if you get a chance!) 
well shot, like the color tone... check out xplusrey "meet meat". 
yeah I like it...that actress is very beautiful... 
The pacing seems a little slow toward the end. But overall the story develops nicely, using clear and interesting shots and cutting to reveal her obsession with food and self-image. the film is well shot and very well edited.good stuff. 
I like the part where she's eating and looking at the mirror. Nice shoots. Hope Levka is doing allright, and start eating. 
anvar...i like it..the way u narrates your story...we come to know what is happening in the minds there...well done friend...nice performence too... 
Fantastic soundtrack... and the editing to the music was very professional! Impressive work overall. 
Levka eats quite well, always has, but is naturally built to be able to pull off such a role! 
Thank you! The music is by Andre Fratto who resides in NYC and scores films and prodices band albums, 
Very nice feeling, the editing, music and cinematography (do you really spell it like that?) fits perfect together, and now I even understand it ;)Very well done, cheers! 
Very nicely constructed, having been in the industry myself i have a lot of respect for this film. Solid performance. 
som great shots! the music sets a nice mood! your movie had a very "requiem for a dream"-esque feel. great ending. good job! daanish ("True Colours" pg 7) 
Great film! Well acted and scored with some brilliant cinematography and editing. It's haunting. Good luck!Please watch "Simon and Emily go to the moon" and let us know what you think. 
Facinating short. Very nice editing and superb cinematography. 
Good stuff. I love the mood and look of the exterior shots especially and think the actress brings a lot of presence to a non-speaking role. 
Hedia, great job! Have shortlisted you. Good luck! 
I have to invite this girl to a good colombian breakfast. Did she turn into a dove? 
wow she's gorgeous. unusual atmosphere.. nice work Hedia. 
this proves what you can do with only a mini dv! great job! 
Beautifully composed and edited 
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