Digital Transition

Contest Name :Hard Times, Submission Date :03-08-2009, Uploaded By : Paul
Directed By :  Paul Hill, Producer,,
Shot On: Panasonic AG, Edited On: Roxio,  Crew Members: 9  Duration: 1.90 mins
San Francisco ,California , United States   Views: 505
Inspiration: There are so many things happening on the government level that are affecting so many people. The only choice we have is to accept it or do something.

Interesting subject The DigitalTransition. But what got to do with HardTimes. Please chk Struggling 4 Success p.15 
Hey! Very interesting! I dont think "black" in a nationality. 
Nice credits :-) Also some good visuals. The 'hard times' was a bit vague, though. 
Some nice elements but I seemed to miss the point. 
Haha. I thought it was very funny. Nice one. 
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