Captain Bad Luck

Contest Name :Hard Times, Submission Date :04-30-2009, Uploaded By : NaTomada
Directed By :  Felipe Jannuzzi, movie maker,,
Shot On: HV30,   Crew Members: 5  Duration: 3.02 mins
Campinas ,Sao Paulo , Brazil   Views: 3622
Inspiration: The city of Megatown is in trouble. All the superheroes are dying in strange ways and there is only one hope left: Captain Bad Luck

I like this...but I think there was there was a bit too much going on at one time to enjoy it completely the first time around...still getting my vote, though... 
Hey Funny. I like it Parabéns!! 
lol.. well done.. I love the dry humor. you're shortlisted.. 
Thank you for your comments Kaydi, Marcio and Jim. Jim, nice that you had the patience to watch it more than once to capture all the details.  
Enjoyable. In some ways made me think of "Special" with Michael Rapaport. 
Very nice ideas and art direction, the concept of the comics is perfect, and this isn't only the end of the short which is funny ! Check out my "Fourteen", if you have time...  
Awesome art direction and style 
Excellent, excellent direction ! Wow ! Like the humor also !  
well art directed. check out "Little One" and let me know what your comments are please... Nice work again... 
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