Contest Name :Hard Times, Submission Date :05-03-2009, Uploaded By : V-
Directed By :  V-BRANG, STUDENT,,
Shot On: HD SONY, Edited On: premier,  Crew Members: 7  Duration: 3.44 mins
mumbai ,maharashtra , India   Views: 448
Inspiration: a real story of Meera Road Mumbai case

What a horrible case.. Lovely work. Well done. Shortlisted. 
Sad, and I relate ;-( But it was a bit longer than 3 minutes. Well done, though! 
thanks a lot...Lee and konstantinos 
good job. well done. watch and comment i have got the story. 
Was a good film. I liked it. Well done. Loved the way you treated the flashbacks. Very cool. 
thanks a lot...johnny 
A sad and strong movie, which remains stuck in mind...Nice work, really. Check out my "Fourteen", if you have time... 
thanks raph..thanks a lot 
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