The Famous Smile (Denmark)

Contest Name :2007 Feature Winners, Submission Date :02-27-2008, Uploaded By : Anne
Directed By :  Anne Heeno, Director,Denmark,
Shot On: IMX, Edited On: AdobePremiere Pro 2,  Crew Members: 11  Duration: 3.80 mins
, , Denmark   Views: 1121
Inspiration: I wanted to make a comedy and find a balance between slapstick, cartoonish humor and drama.
Other Info: The painting of Mona Lisa is famous for her remarkable smile. During time there have been many speculations about why she smiles that way. Here is the true story behind the famous smile.

Charming and whimsical story with a surprising twist. The production value is high and the comedic timing is strong. Good work” all the best, Deepak {Jury Member}
I was right there in that world. Fantastic set, costumes and cinematography. Can I attend your lectures?! 
Interesting story behind the famous painting. Vivid set and costumes. Entertaining. 
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