Manger Du Beton, Eat Beton

Contest Name :08 May Documentary, Submission Date :05-22-2008, Uploaded By : Ursina gabriela
Directed By :  urgart, multimedia artist,zürich,
Shot On: 2007, Edited On: 2008,  Crew Members: 2  Duration:
, , Switzerland   Views: 2302
Inspiration: construction in deconstruction
Other Info: in everyday life, looking for inspiration for a new live.

very well movie...expect more from the editor 
its thinking is very good..we know all the fact but we are not thinking on we have to do something after seeing that type of movie..i belive that Abhijit Ghose can produce very good short and long movies which can influence ours to do something good.. one thing...need some more dip(heart effecting) shot on this type of movies.then some people will come. .. 
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Manger Du Beton, Eat-urgart
Manger Du Beton, Eat
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