Contest Name :Help Wanted, Submission Date :07-02-2008, Uploaded By : V-
Shot On: minidv, Edited On: avid,  Crew Members: 8  Duration: 3.31 mins
, , India   Views: 563
Inspiration: Same when it Happened with us on highway!

Man O Man! That guy is a crazy stuntman !!! LOL Good JOb Folks! 
Could have been edited a little tighter, but I still enjoyed watching this. Good job. 
Great characters :)  
Your male lead has huge character presence. You've done some great work on characterization. All in all, good job and keep at it!  
Well put together with good comic timing. I think this might feel much more professional if you replaced all the audio from the shoot with foley and sound effects. 
Fantastic. Congratulations. Your film is my favourite. 
good actor! enjoyed it. good work! 
haha,,jackie chan.. that stunt infront of the car was a little too close to death..funny film..  
Kya Baat Hai Vikas Bhai!!! I love this film ka free flow style.. great work... V-BRANG kaun hai?? V-MAS to V-BRANG... ek din V-ansh bhee hoga.. jeeyo mere laal... chahe tune apne actor ko almost maar daala... :) 
Hahaha its briilliant! damn how fast was that car going?! 
jajajjaja Indians make me laugh a lot, its so funny. I invite you to watch the animation I did for this competition. "HELP, WANTED DEATH OR ALIVE" i couldnt finishi it for the dateline. Your coments will be my price. check it at my profile 
thanks to all member for watching our film ...and for all ur appreciation...thanks a lot from my entire unit.. 
Very entertaining - made me laugh! Great job.  
super very good job and awesome camera movement. 
Very funny story with a great underlying theme. Great job. 
thanks once again from us for appreciating our effort thanks a lot..god bless 
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