Emilia's Diary

Contest Name :Help Wanted, Submission Date :07-02-2008, Uploaded By : Tata
Directed By :  Tata Amaral, Filmmaker,Sao Paulo,
Shot On: Sao Paulo, Edited On: Sao Paulo,  Crew Members: 0  Duration: 3.13 mins
, , Brazil   Views: 200

That was excellent. I enjoyed it very much. 
ooooooooooooooooooooooooo wat a creation..m ur fan bro 
A simple idea, beautifully executed.  
that was great and well put together! You get a real sense of life for this young girl. 
good job! 
emilia - this is amazing! it reminded me of an academy award-nominated short called "binta and the great idea" by javier fesser. have you seen it? it's amazing - as is yours. the little actress is so incredible! and her voice-over! and your images, locations, everything... i am a huge fan. 
Lovely work Tata, one of my favorites on here. Great atmosphere and an adorable little actress. Simple and poignant. 
bravo. well done on all counts. I shortlisted this and I wish you luck.  
really good film, bravo. 
That kid is amazing ! A very sweet movie Maxime Pourbaix (The Mojo) 
Po, muito legal... fiquei com vontade de ver o filme agora. Não conheço a série, mas minha namorada falou que é muito boa. Da uma olhada no meu curta depois e fala o que você acha. Boa sorte! 
A little masterpiece you got there, simple and true to life. Your characters are natural and you've done a great job keeping it real. 
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