Help Wanted For Dinner Girl...

Contest Name :Help Wanted, Submission Date :07-02-2008, Uploaded By : Daniel
Directed By :  Daniel Barosa, Film Student,Argentina,
Shot On: microsoft webcam, Edited On: adobe premiere,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 3.60 mins
, , Brazil   Views: 741
Inspiration: Children Fairy tales and Dr.Seuss. Complete title - "Help wanted for dinner girl: born at dusk, dead at dawn."
Other Info: Cast and Crew: Daniel Barosa and Ana Pupulin. Listen with headphones to enjoy it the most!

hi daniel, very nice cinematography and a strange fairy tale feeling mixed with a disturbing atmosphere ... great job 
Pretty out there, but I enjoyed the mood and cinematography. Also - excellent sound design, you must have worked really hard on it. 
Excellent Art direction... 
Different! Beautiful cinematography 
Very well shot, nice atmosphere. - Baldman Pictures "The Waiting Room" 
Great job on the editing, a bold and inventive film.  
Very imaginative. Stands out. 
Super well done Daniel. Thanks for the comments on mine. Look like some of the great German cinema. Shortlisted. 
Truly awesome! Your use of visual effects and audio brings a real genuine and ominous feel - remind me of david lynch (especially his short "The Grandmother" check it out). It's sad you handicapped yourself by going over the 3 min time limit though. 
Beautiful. Love the sound design. Not sure how it ties into the theme though. - Alex "The Virtual Vikings" Manning 
dude. the cinematorgapy is wicked.. like your lighting..editing.. the sound effects.. good job 
cinematography..... speechless..every frame is pro. 
The best cinematography of the month! THis is twisted and weird ! I loved it ! Maxime Pourbaix (The Mojo) 
I was fascinated by every frame. Could be my favourite this month. You're not afraid to alienate your audience. But I took a lot from it.  
well done - i won't even pretend to understand what that meant but i watched it thrice. was this shot on dv or 16 mm? great editing / cinematography and outstanding suit that you're wearing :) please send me your final cut pro project file so i can learn something from it. thank you. :) 
Hi, thanks for all the comments. The short was shot with a webcam and a lot of edting effects and light filters.  
I invite you to watch the animation I did for this competition. "HELP, WANTED DEATH OR ALIVE" i couldnt finishi it for the dateline. Your coments will be my price. check it at my profile 
Love the light and colors, and the fact that your short remains a mystery. xxx 
Intriguing and beautifully shot. Very inspiring this was all done with a webcam!  
intriguing and very nice! 
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