Contest Name :Help Wanted, Submission Date :07-02-2008, Uploaded By : Azi
Directed By :  Azi Rahman, Filmmaker,London,
Shot On: canon hv30, Edited On: Final Cut,  Crew Members: 2  Duration:
, , United Kingdom   Views: 3866
Inspiration: Pamela Anderson, Adaptatation, Taxi Driver,, Kaufman, Rocky, Aranofsky, Syd Field, Blake Snyder, sheep. Talking sheep

ha ha its fantastic man, the actor is great, the script, the inside jokes ... 
23 seconds above time limit .hmmmm...but excellent concept..good Pamela wouldnt love to watch that..hahaha!! Good Luck Bro!! 
Its only 8 seconds over. You're allowed an extra 15 seconds for credits. I bet theres worst videos on the internet that Pamela wouldn't love to watch. This is nothing but a homage to CJ from Baywatch!lol 
Love the in-your-face editing style. Very entertaining 
beautiful, I like screenplay and editing 
Azi - tight as a duck's chuff, lovely writing, directing and beautifully played. Just the right sense of ironic distance. You continue to raise the bar on this site. Nice one. Cheers, Pat 
loved the cinematography and editing.  
hahahaha... there is a madness in your method. :) everything in this movie is awesomeness. \m/ 
Wow. Very impressive. 
Well put together, seemed like you put a lot of thought into it. Another movie about making a movie though.. needs another twist or perspective. 
I wasnt surprised that their is a couple of other films about making films, its a great idea LOL. No seriously, you are bound to get films that are based on the same idea be it filmmaking or going for a job interview. Its how the filmmaker interprets and conveys that idea through the writing, acting, cinematography, editing, sound design and composing. There are so many variables to play with to make a movie come together which is why I love filmmaking.  
mate, really really cool! well made, well acted, well edited. 
Another great effort Azi. I also had a more obvious Taxi Driver reference (the end bloodied finger trigger), but cut it out. Can see the Adaptation influence. I liked the lead actor too. You have a quite a knack for balancing comedy with serious intent buried underneath (a filmmakers self-indulgence - something that concerns me a great deal). More people need to understand a directors intentions. That's how you can really judge whether he is real or fake.  
cool man thats simply great i loved ur lead actor..has great potential  
making a film on how to make a film..thats a lame concept..that banging of head on wall is too slapstick as well.. 
Nice editing and acting! 
Kugen thanks for the insight. I was self indulgently paying homage to some of my favourite films but mainly 'adaptation'. You should watch it Kugen. Great film. I tried to be as tongue and cheek as poss. The actor tried banging his head against a brick wall on the first take but knocked himself out and got rushed to hospital. He had concussion and had to be fed via a straw for the rest of the shoot. So had to do it in the edit. I thought the slapstickness fits in with the tone of the piece. Right, im off to bang my head against a brick wall for real lol 
I had a similar idea for this month. I have to say you're really really gifted and that you will surely win again ! Just excellent ! Maxime Pourbaix (The Mojo) 
Sorry, I pressed the button before I write What I wanted to say? Great short! 
Very very good film. All around fantastic!!! Can definitely see your inspirations in your work, but your voice comes through as very original 
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3rd Place winner
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Making Of
Making Of "Fragments
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Remember The Beach?-sergio
Remember The Beach?
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3.47 min 7
1st Place winner
The Last Candle-Sergio
The Last Candle
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2.98 min 13
Household Help Wante-Sven
Household Help Wante
Directed By Sven
3.23 min 10
Directed By Sven
3.25 min 1
Directed By Tanaji
3.22 min 10
Directed By Tarun
1.76 min 19
In Need-Teun
In Need
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Making Of Black Magi-Teun
Making Of Black Magi
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1.53 min 0
Black Magic-Teun
Black Magic
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3.15 min 0
Directed By Tinna
1.69 min 12
I Need You-Tinna
I Need You
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1.36 min 11
Help Wanted.-Tricia
Help Wanted.
Directed By Tricia
1.37 min 7
Directed By V-BRANG
3.31 min 16
Kill You-v-brang
Kill You
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3.33 min 2