Contest Name :Help Wanted, Submission Date :08-18-2008, Uploaded By : Matthew
Directed By :  Matthew A. Collins, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: Sony PMW-EX1, Edited On: Premiere Pro CS3,  Crew Members: 3  Duration:
Brooklyn ,NY , United States   Views: 11433
Inspiration: Based on a feature sceenplay: A naive graduate student is chosen to apprentice with her idol...the last short film in a spiritual trilogy of sorts

strangely compelling talk and a careful reveal. The darkness of genius. {Jury Member}
I'm sorry but pretty damn gorgeous film. In it' s own category to be honest. No disrespect to the others, its just obvious. High prod values and serious skills here on all levels. Professional and wise story telling. We love the center mass actors, Delfine is spot on, skills. Make a longer cut for festivals, this is the real deal. 
You guys are on a roll. Top to bottom, spectacular. Beautiful little details. You really thought every moment out. Breathtaking moment to moment. Watching the other films I definitely don't see that. A huge WOW to the actors! Agreeing with Pullman: you guys are definitely the darkness of genius. Congrats! You're on your way to something special. 
Yes. I'm gonna say "I knew that girl when!" HIghly skilled. I'm going to even say Precious film. Top notch. Get out there now.The talent superiorly abundant and I emphasize superior. J.Jar 
Once again I am very taken by your work. A unique voice thats stands out. Cinematography, acting, all extraordinary and special. I agree, I would bet a longer cut is where you wanted this to go, beautiful scenes that will be even more beautiful when they have that space. Ah, the Lbaby! Nice touch! Scratching my head again on the rank. Pretty clear to me that this film wins by a landslide. 
Beautiful! gorgeous! Clever story and pay off. Professional work guys, consistently blows me away. Very skilled and cool camera work. Stunning dining room scene! Very careful and true performances. Special Jury prize again? Laughable. Easy to see there is nothing to even compare it's level to. Would love to see a longer cut of this!  
wow! I am always looking forward to seeing your films and this one doesn't let down. I love the mood created by the cinematography and actors. It has a fine depth. The scene with the files and teeth couldn't have been done any better. Masterpiece moment. Also, the music and spinning montage scene is beyond compare. Filmaka loves robbing you guys of top spot. 
Thankyou all for the comments, I'm honored: we had quite a fun time with this one. This shoot was fairly simple compared to previous projects. The big thing of course was the location. That said, here are some production notes. - As always, we had our wonderful crew of three. - We shot this on our new camera, the Sony PMW-EX1 which is head and shoulders above the HVX that we had been using. - The EX1 is first camera I've owned since the Arri 16BL I was given when I was 12, ha! - We again used a 35mm adapter, the Letus Extreme this time, with nikon lenses. - The location was the home of our producer, Ryan Daly's best friend from childhood, and was located in Chapacqua, NY. The location itself was incredibly easy to work with and the owners were very giving, even letting us stay the night in the various spare beds! - The painting of our actor, Tony that you see in the beginning is an actual painting that was done roughly seven years ago. It was what inspired the story in my mind initially. - The painting was not however, transported to Upstate New York. We shot it at night in Tony's apartment on the Upper West Side, matches pretty damn good, right? - In order to achieve the strange shifting focus effect in certain scenes we used a speciality effects lens called the Lensbaby 3G, an excellent tool which, if used appropriately can be very effective in disorienting one's audience and adding a surreal tension to a moment. - This is another story derived from a feature script which we are also currently adapting into a full-length stage-play, so that's fun. - Again, thank you all for your unwavering support. Has anyone been able to watch the BTS for Fragments? It is in my profile but unlike the previous Jury competition it wasn't put up with the Jury films. Let me know if any of you got to see it. Thanks again! 
This is superb. smart and slick guys. Since seeing The Crossing I have been thrilled to check in on your work. The films have such a unique spin, very different. Fragments has some real special vibe to it. Beautiful writing and stand out performances. I'm curious, whats next?  
Hey guys, just wanted to say this is one crafty story and film. I am thoroughly impressed with the pin dropping details. Crisp and very well thought out. Matt, you have a real opportunity to get into the industry and make an imprint. I am also very fond of this actress. She elevates the film just where it needs to go. Look forward to more. Keep them coming! 
Wow! there is serious stuff here Matt. I always look forward to your work, everyone does, but hey it is very impressive. This film has such a great script. Beautiful beautiful imagery. I love the performances, very fragile. Not to echo the jury or anything but I think that is a perfect description of you guys: Darkness of Genius! 
Wild twist at the end! I really dug that guys. Specially crafted as usual. I can tell you wanted a longer cut, would love to see that! Beauitful film and sexy details. Smart performances. What is up with this special jury prize? The best films and stories always seem to be special jury. We all know, you know, not something to pay much attention to. You heading to festivals this year, no? 
why are you so totally awesome Mr Collins! 
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