Why I Do It?

Contest Name :What On Earth, Submission Date :07-05-2008, Uploaded By : Pablo
Directed By :  Pablo Olmos Arrayales, Freelance Director,Malaga,
Shot On: Canon Mark II, Edited On: Final Cut,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.22 mins
, , Spain   Views: 1512
Inspiration: This documentary is dedicated to all who remember the ones who cannot.

Very touching ! 
Beautiful, Love the story! 
so dramatic. . . 
Very enduring. 
I meant, very endearing. 
Wow ! This is what Documentary is about... ***** 
I love the story. Good luck 
Incredibly moving. Thanks for the comment, it means a lot. By far my favorite entry. 
Beautiful. Truly poignant.  
I did a special report on Alzheimer's disease (AD) back in high school and this micro short almost brought a tear to my eye... a little more time would have sealed it! 
A beautiful and heartfelt piece, authentically expressing powerful emotion in a short time.  {Jury Member}
A touching film that showcases a promising young talent. {Jury Member}
Inventive and creative but ultimately not developed enough as it becomes predictable at the end, even though its moving. {Jury Member}
Really nice story of human kindness and the power we each have to change one life at a time. {Jury Member}
This is such a touching film! 
5 stars!  
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