A Little Bird Told Me...

Contest Name :What On Earth, Submission Date :08-01-2008, Uploaded By : Richard
Directed By :  Richard Tasse, Freelancer filmaker,,
   Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.08 mins
Upton ,Quebec , Canada   Views: 427
Inspiration: A short documentary about the effects of human greed on animals.

one minute would've been enough 
I like the idea. i agree with Richard it is too long. 
I have appelaed to my excited dearones to be fair while rating my film. And I have no doubts on incredible capacity of Filmaka Jury. Though I would like to say to responsible film maker to not comment on the sensitive issue like language, as its not native language for all. Also I would say that, love and relations do exist on the earth. Its injustice to exclude the most common and important topic, because that to happens on the earth along with the spraying of chemicals. I would appreciate if film makers in the competition stop being at each other's throat and be fair enough to have space for healthy competition. Thank you. 
I'm not at anybody throat but the fact is there... A fair competition should mean a fair play ! One could only reach succes by being fair with love , pollution and other mather. Sorry If I offend you but I was only mentionning my FAIR opignon. 
hey richard...are these real birds or wat? anywez this is a nice graphic film but a bit too longish i feel 
What scene is the still from? I saw no woman gagged throughout. Strange and sobering work - the sound design, music, and the length of time you linger on dead birds that fell on the road are disturbing. If that was you intended effect than I applaud your effort.  
Thanks Peter ! You're right, I'm glad you got the message o.k. Many peoples tough my clip was too long, but my goal was to disturb the viewer and most of all getting my message across.  
I personaly have the exact feeling you are meaning with your picture. This is exactly what is going wrong on earth. More the money is involved more crualties against life of the planet earth is "accomplished" We all have to wakeup and react against the practices.  
Thanks Fred ! You're right. But I think you didn't got the message. I think the technique use by Morgancove is strong and powerfull. Sometime still are better than hundreds of moving pictures. The essence of this clip is probably to make us aware of the wrongs around us. 
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