Truth Or Dare Stefano Gonzalez

Contest Name :Truth OR Dare, Submission Date :08-02-2008, Uploaded By : Stefano
Directed By :  Stefano Gonzalez, writer/director,Denmark,
Shot On: 35mm, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 5  Duration: 3.00 mins
Frederiksberg ,Copenhagen , Denmark   Views: 1227
Inspiration: I have written and directed this shortfilm, about to friends who invites the girlfriend of one of them, to play the game Truth or Dare.

Ha HA! too funny. What did you shoot it on ? Nice colors and sounds good.  
Great picture. Feels like it's taken out of a feature. Well done. 
Damn good all around. shortlisted. 
love it...shortlisted... 
Disturbing and pointless. Too close to rape. 
Thank you Jethro :-) 
Thank you Peter M Smith  
Thanks Kyle Milligan - I hope I can make a feature in the same stil 
Dear Zane you obviously didn't get it - 
Thanks Bivas :-) It was shot in 35mm - 
Great work Stefano. I love you Danish guys. Are you related to Shaky? If so say hi from me, I acted for him in "One Hell of a Christmas". 
Loved it! I got into it immediately and was hooked the whole way through. Awesome. 
nice everything except a weak storyline and creativity compare to nathan theys and mikael teo 
that was really cool. great performances too 
Thanks everybody for your nice comments :-) 
Nice work. It's shot pretty well too, even though it's mainly in a car.  
Good! Good performance and very well shot. Nice simple well done screenplay. Thanks for your comment on my film.  
Well shot, pretty good acting, and making car scenes work well is tricky, but you pulled it off nicely...very intense, a bit creepy, but good work video is a comedy, you should check it out..Truth or Dare: The Game Show 
Nice!! Made it to my shortlist... 
This was shot very well. The characters are clear and the acting was right on the mark. Good casting! This is a disturbing good short film. Nice work.  
This has my vote... its flawless... 
an excellently made short, brilliant 
where did you shoot this film it looks a great location 
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