Contest Name :On the Road, Submission Date :09-02-2008, Uploaded By : BaldMan
Directed By :  BaldMan Pictures, Student,,
Shot On: Canon XH A1, Edited On: Final Cut Studio 2,  Crew Members: 5  Duration: 3.02 mins
North Palm Beach ,Florida , United States   Views: 1185
Inspiration: This movie was inspired by a field near one of our crew member's homes.

Very likable. Worth my vote. 
cuuuuute actor! and a really simple sweet little film. I enjoyed it! 
a very nice little short, verry well shot 
Dude, this is beautiful! Loved it. The wide shots of the field, the little dolly and pan to and from the house, the Wes Anderson frontal shots in the house, everything. Minimalistic, no dialogue, and beautiful. 
Great job-I really enjoyed this movie.  
Nice, light-hearted and intriguing. Good camera work. 
made my list, loved the indoor shots! 
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Vanishing Point-Natalie
Vanishing Point
Directed By Natalie

2.69 min 2
Directed By Indresh

2.88 min 7
Directed By Roy

3.00 min 13
Eating Alone-Ron
Eating Alone
Directed By Ron

10.47 min 8
On The Road, Again-RM
On The Road, Again
Directed By RM

2.99 min 5
Enter Shift-Richard
Enter Shift
Directed By Richard

2.98 min 8
At The Crossroad...-Richard
At The Crossroad...
Directed By Richard

2.81 min 4
Create A Critter Wit-Doug
Create A Critter Wit
Directed By Doug

3.00 min 3
Life Runner-Egemen
Life Runner
Directed By Egemen

1.70 min 6
The Show Rollin-JJChallenger
The Show Rollin
Directed By JJChallenger

4.65 min 3
Directed By Robin

2.94 min 6
Directed By Joseph

2.98 min 3
Terrible Road-Gokcen
Terrible Road
Directed By Gokcen

3.19 min 6
On The Road-J
On The Road
Directed By J

3.00 min 8
The Show Vol On The -JJChallenger
The Show Vol On The
Directed By JJChallenger

4.96 min 1
Amber Alert-Rodrigo
Amber Alert
Directed By Rodrigo

3.43 min 17
Mama's Boy-Juliane
Mama's Boy
Directed By Juliane

3.00 min 6
Baby On Board-Deziree
Baby On Board
Directed By Deziree

2.88 min 2
On The Road-Mary
On The Road
Directed By Mary

1.08 min 2
My Robot-Steve
My Robot
Directed By Steve

1.95 min 5
Hit The Road-Tobias
Hit The Road
Directed By Tobias

2.67 min 9
Bad Advice-Brian
Bad Advice
Directed By Brian

3.09 min 7
Directed By Rui

3.53 min 3
New York Minute-Anna
New York Minute
Directed By Anna

1.00 min 2
Talking Feet-Debanjan
Talking Feet
Directed By Debanjan

3.12 min 1
Points Of View-4-play
Points Of View
Directed By 4-play

3.00 min 7
Running From The Eye-antips
Running From The Eye
Directed By antips

2.96 min 5
Directed By Pia

2.79 min 10
Directed By BaldMan

3.02 min 7
Bernie: On The Road-Steven
Bernie: On The Road
Directed By Steven

2.70 min 12
Directed By Fernando

3.24 min 5
Directed By Lee

1.91 min 10
The Deal-Ben
The Deal
Directed By Ben

3.06 min 13
My Fear-Aliakbar
My Fear
Directed By Aliakbar

2.94 min 14
Caracas: The Road Of-Ricardo
Caracas: The Road Of
Directed By Ricardo

2.28 min 7
2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad-Mark
2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad
Directed By Mark

3.27 min 6
Amazing Green-A Maze-Bernhard
Amazing Green-A Maze
Directed By Bernhard

3.00 min 4
A Life In Orbit-Ed
A Life In Orbit
Directed By Ed

3.38 min 7
Directed By Benjamin

1.05 min 2
Directed By Franco

3.00 min 3
Waste Not Want Not-Damian
Waste Not Want Not
Directed By Damian

3.50 min 9
Coffin Nail-Craig
Coffin Nail
Directed By Craig

3.00 min 13
Road Warrior-Brian
Road Warrior
Directed By Brian

2.97 min 6
The Bindler-Tyler
The Bindler
Directed By Tyler

3.02 min 2
I Love You-Alex
I Love You
Directed By Alex

1.37 min 17
Directed By Pati

3.13 min 1
Oh Rainy Day!-Viktoria
Oh Rainy Day!
Directed By Viktoria

4.39 min 1
Directed By Fabio

3.33 min 12
Take My Hand-Alvaro
Take My Hand
Directed By Alvaro

3.12 min 12
Dremin'k -antoine
Directed By antoine

5.23 min 2
The Pursuit Of Perfe-Eliana
The Pursuit Of Perfe
Directed By Eliana

2.51 min 5
Truck Stop Angel-Francois
Truck Stop Angel
Directed By Francois

2.92 min 5
Australia The Journe-Ingo
Australia The Journe
Directed By Ingo

0.77 min 2
Directed By Vitor

2.81 min 4
Taxis In South Afric-Steven
Taxis In South Afric
Directed By Steven

2.86 min 2
Directed By Sergio

3.35 min 3
La Imposicion De La -Tihomir
La Imposicion De La
Directed By Tihomir

3.19 min 0
Elephant Boy-Pat
Elephant Boy
Directed By Pat

3.42 min 17
On The Road-Chad
On The Road
Directed By Chad

2.95 min 8
Wolves Who Hunt Smil-David
Wolves Who Hunt Smil
Directed By David

2.98 min 10
Directed By Darren

3.00 min 14
Will's Road Trip-Nate
Will's Road Trip
Directed By Nate

3.05 min 19
Directed By Elizabeth

2.03 min 3
On The Road - Apb-Nik
On The Road - Apb
Directed By Nik

2.99 min 3
The Road To Freedom-David
The Road To Freedom
Directed By David

2.96 min 3
Road To Nowhere-Richard
Road To Nowhere
Directed By Richard

2.75 min 12
On The Road-Dave
On The Road
Directed By Dave

3.11 min 7
The Road Not Taken-Dan
The Road Not Taken
Directed By Dan

2.98 min 8
O Susto-Daiane
O Susto
Directed By Daiane

2.23 min 4
Directed By Dawn

1.00 min 6
David J.Johnson's On-David
David J.Johnson's On
Directed By David

3.43 min 7
Directed By Darren

2.55 min 5
On The Road-margarito
On The Road
Directed By margarito

2.00 min 1
The Plan-Matthew
The Plan
Directed By Matthew

4.68 min 22
Forgotten Roads-krookedneck
Forgotten Roads
Directed By krookedneck

3.01 min 4
Past Due-Paulo
Past Due
Directed By Paulo

2.97 min 3
Marz H20-Michael
Marz H20
Directed By Michael

2.94 min 0
The Road Box-Dino
The Road Box
Directed By Dino

2.19 min 3
Directed By Dario

2.78 min 3
I Remember-Sergio
I Remember
Directed By Sergio

3.35 min 10
10 Seconds-Rodrigo
10 Seconds
Directed By Rodrigo

2.78 min 0
The Basketcase-Lee
The Basketcase
Directed By Lee

2.83 min 0
The Proposal-Alvaro
The Proposal
Directed By Alvaro

3.29 min 0
In Transit-Ben
In Transit
Directed By Ben

3.06 min 1
Straw Man-Chad
Straw Man
Directed By Chad

3.00 min 0
Directed By Roy

3.35 min 2
Directed By Fred

3.25 min 8
I'll Be Home Soon-Fabio
I'll Be Home Soon
Directed By Fabio

3.28 min 0
The Navigator-Diego
The Navigator
Directed By Diego

3.07 min 0
Rock Bottom-Pat
Rock Bottom
Directed By Pat

3.25 min 1
The End Of The Road-Ed
The End Of The Road
Directed By Ed

3.25 min 4
The Inmate-Matthew
The Inmate
Directed By Matthew

4.25 min 0
Directed By Sergio

3.77 min 0