The Basketcase

Contest Name :On the Road, Submission Date :10-11-2008, Uploaded By : Lee
Directed By :  Lee Isserow, film & TV make-happener,,
Shot On: Canon XLH1, Edited On: Premiere CS3,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 2.83 mins
London ,England , United Kingdom   Views: 1206
Inspiration: Test shoot for a possible webseries turned out to work for the On The Road theme. Shot, edited & effected in under 10 hours... Don't judge too harshly

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Vanishing Point-Natalie
Vanishing Point
Directed By Natalie

2.69 min 2
Directed By Indresh

2.88 min 7
Directed By Roy

3.00 min 13
Eating Alone-Ron
Eating Alone
Directed By Ron

10.47 min 8
On The Road, Again-RM
On The Road, Again
Directed By RM

2.99 min 5
Enter Shift-Richard
Enter Shift
Directed By Richard

2.98 min 8
At The Crossroad...-Richard
At The Crossroad...
Directed By Richard

2.81 min 4
Create A Critter Wit-Doug
Create A Critter Wit
Directed By Doug

3.00 min 3
Life Runner-Egemen
Life Runner
Directed By Egemen

1.70 min 6
The Show Rollin-JJChallenger
The Show Rollin
Directed By JJChallenger

4.65 min 3
Directed By Robin

2.94 min 6
Directed By Joseph

2.98 min 3
Terrible Road-Gokcen
Terrible Road
Directed By Gokcen

3.19 min 6
On The Road-J
On The Road
Directed By J

3.00 min 8
The Show Vol On The -JJChallenger
The Show Vol On The
Directed By JJChallenger

4.96 min 1
Amber Alert-Rodrigo
Amber Alert
Directed By Rodrigo

3.43 min 17
Mama's Boy-Juliane
Mama's Boy
Directed By Juliane

3.00 min 6
Baby On Board-Deziree
Baby On Board
Directed By Deziree

2.88 min 2
On The Road-Mary
On The Road
Directed By Mary

1.08 min 2
My Robot-Steve
My Robot
Directed By Steve

1.95 min 5
Hit The Road-Tobias
Hit The Road
Directed By Tobias

2.67 min 9
Bad Advice-Brian
Bad Advice
Directed By Brian

3.09 min 7
Directed By Rui

3.53 min 3
New York Minute-Anna
New York Minute
Directed By Anna

1.00 min 2
Talking Feet-Debanjan
Talking Feet
Directed By Debanjan

3.12 min 1
Points Of View-4-play
Points Of View
Directed By 4-play

3.00 min 7
Running From The Eye-antips
Running From The Eye
Directed By antips

2.96 min 5
Directed By Pia

2.79 min 10
Directed By BaldMan

3.02 min 7
Bernie: On The Road-Steven
Bernie: On The Road
Directed By Steven

2.70 min 12
Directed By Fernando

3.24 min 5
Directed By Lee

1.91 min 10
The Deal-Ben
The Deal
Directed By Ben

3.06 min 13
My Fear-Aliakbar
My Fear
Directed By Aliakbar

2.94 min 14
Caracas: The Road Of-Ricardo
Caracas: The Road Of
Directed By Ricardo

2.28 min 7
2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad-Mark
2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad
Directed By Mark

3.27 min 6
Amazing Green-A Maze-Bernhard
Amazing Green-A Maze
Directed By Bernhard

3.00 min 4
A Life In Orbit-Ed
A Life In Orbit
Directed By Ed

3.38 min 7
Directed By Benjamin

1.05 min 2
Directed By Franco

3.00 min 3
Waste Not Want Not-Damian
Waste Not Want Not
Directed By Damian

3.50 min 9
Coffin Nail-Craig
Coffin Nail
Directed By Craig

3.00 min 13
Road Warrior-Brian
Road Warrior
Directed By Brian

2.97 min 6
The Bindler-Tyler
The Bindler
Directed By Tyler

3.02 min 2
I Love You-Alex
I Love You
Directed By Alex

1.37 min 17
Directed By Pati

3.13 min 1
Oh Rainy Day!-Viktoria
Oh Rainy Day!
Directed By Viktoria

4.39 min 1
Directed By Fabio

3.33 min 12
Take My Hand-Alvaro
Take My Hand
Directed By Alvaro

3.12 min 12
Dremin'k -antoine
Directed By antoine

5.23 min 2
The Pursuit Of Perfe-Eliana
The Pursuit Of Perfe
Directed By Eliana

2.51 min 5
Truck Stop Angel-Francois
Truck Stop Angel
Directed By Francois

2.92 min 5
Australia The Journe-Ingo
Australia The Journe
Directed By Ingo

0.77 min 2
Directed By Vitor

2.81 min 4
Taxis In South Afric-Steven
Taxis In South Afric
Directed By Steven

2.86 min 2
Directed By Sergio

3.35 min 3
La Imposicion De La -Tihomir
La Imposicion De La
Directed By Tihomir

3.19 min 0
Elephant Boy-Pat
Elephant Boy
Directed By Pat

3.42 min 17
On The Road-Chad
On The Road
Directed By Chad

2.95 min 8
Wolves Who Hunt Smil-David
Wolves Who Hunt Smil
Directed By David

2.98 min 10
Directed By Darren

3.00 min 14
Will's Road Trip-Nate
Will's Road Trip
Directed By Nate

3.05 min 19
Directed By Elizabeth

2.03 min 3
On The Road - Apb-Nik
On The Road - Apb
Directed By Nik

2.99 min 3
The Road To Freedom-David
The Road To Freedom
Directed By David

2.96 min 3
Road To Nowhere-Richard
Road To Nowhere
Directed By Richard

2.75 min 12
On The Road-Dave
On The Road
Directed By Dave

3.11 min 7
The Road Not Taken-Dan
The Road Not Taken
Directed By Dan

2.98 min 8
O Susto-Daiane
O Susto
Directed By Daiane

2.23 min 4
Directed By Dawn

1.00 min 6
David J.Johnson's On-David
David J.Johnson's On
Directed By David

3.43 min 7
Directed By Darren

2.55 min 5
On The Road-margarito
On The Road
Directed By margarito

2.00 min 1
The Plan-Matthew
The Plan
Directed By Matthew

4.68 min 22
Forgotten Roads-krookedneck
Forgotten Roads
Directed By krookedneck

3.01 min 4
Past Due-Paulo
Past Due
Directed By Paulo

2.97 min 3
Marz H20-Michael
Marz H20
Directed By Michael

2.94 min 0
The Road Box-Dino
The Road Box
Directed By Dino

2.19 min 3
Directed By Dario

2.78 min 3
I Remember-Sergio
I Remember
Directed By Sergio

3.35 min 10
10 Seconds-Rodrigo
10 Seconds
Directed By Rodrigo

2.78 min 0
The Basketcase-Lee
The Basketcase
Directed By Lee

2.83 min 0
The Proposal-Alvaro
The Proposal
Directed By Alvaro

3.29 min 0
In Transit-Ben
In Transit
Directed By Ben

3.06 min 1
Straw Man-Chad
Straw Man
Directed By Chad

3.00 min 0
Directed By Roy

3.35 min 2
Directed By Fred

3.25 min 8
I'll Be Home Soon-Fabio
I'll Be Home Soon
Directed By Fabio

3.28 min 0
The Navigator-Diego
The Navigator
Directed By Diego

3.07 min 0
Rock Bottom-Pat
Rock Bottom
Directed By Pat

3.25 min 1
The End Of The Road-Ed
The End Of The Road
Directed By Ed

3.25 min 4
The Inmate-Matthew
The Inmate
Directed By Matthew

4.25 min 0
Directed By Sergio

3.77 min 0